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Is learning maven essential for Java developers?

dhruvgarg79 profile image Dhruv garg ・1 min read

I am wondering if maven and XML are essential to become a good java developer. I don't really like maven and prefer Gradle over it.

I still see maven being used heavily. For some of the examples, I have seen maven used in open-source projects like quarkus(Quarkus Gradle support is considered preview) and many others.

Even though while writing this question, it seems like Maven will be good to learn. I am still wondering what you fellas use and prefer. I personally find Gradle much more readable.

I wanted to know what others think about this? and whether someone uses Gradle for the production backend (I know it's used for android)? and if maven is must learn?

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alainvanhout profile image
Alain Van Hout

In the Java ecosystem, you might come across Gradle frequently, but Maven is (and likely will remain) the standard. Luckily, although Maven has a fair amount of advanced features, in your day to day usage you'll probably only need a small part of its feature set. All the rest, you can look up if and when you'd need it.

dhruvgarg79 profile image
Dhruv garg Author

Thanks, for the reply. I will learn the basics this week.

pjotre86 profile image

I wouldn't say you need it to be a good Java developer. However, if you're aiming at being a versatile Java developer who's able to work in different projects in different contexts (also legacy code) you'll encounter maven ALL THE TIME. So yes, I think it's a required skill if you want to go that way.

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Pierre Gradot • Edited

I totally agree with this comment! You don't need to learn Maven, but knowing Maven is a highly valuable skill!

dhruvgarg79 profile image
Dhruv garg Author

Thanks, for the reply. I will learn the basics. since I am also finding the latest tools using it.

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