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Top 10 Flutter libraries you should know in 2021

Flutter is an open-source Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful natively compiled applications for mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices from a single code base.

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Though Flutter is new to the world of mobile app development it has gained huge popularity in the few years across the world. And why not? With Flutter, developers can now build a robust application in minimum time using various tools and libraries.

If you are new to the Flutter app development, it might be difficult to choose the right tools and libraries, so in this article, we will discuss some top useful Flutter libraries you must know in 2021.


Bloc is a predictable state management library that helps to implement the Business Logic Component (BLoC) design pattern.

The Library aims to simplify the separation of a presentation from the business logic while providing testability and reusability. The bloc library currently has a Github rating of 8K stars, 143 contributes, and 2.2K forks.


It is an all-rounder package having multiple capabilities and can be used for Android, iOS, macOS Linux, Windows platforms. It simplifies the entire app development by providing support for state management, routing management, and dependency management. GetX has three basic principles that are productivity, performance, and organization.

Flutter Google Map

Flutter Google map API helps to implement location-aware services in the Flutter application. It allows developers to display a map, configure the attributes, and render markers of places at respective geolocation.


GetIt library is a simple service locator for Dart and Flutter project inspired by Splat from the React world. It allows decoupling the interface from concrete implementation.

The library is used for accessing service objects like REST API clients, databases, View, App Models, Managers, and BLoC from Flutter Views.

Fl Chart

Charts are the graphical representation of data, making it easy to understand and analyze. Fl Chart is the powerful Flutter chart library, that currency supports Line chart, Bar Chart Pie Chart, Scatter Chart, and Radar Chart.

URL Launcher

While developing a mobile application in Flutter we require to launch some other application such as caller app, browsers, or map from our application. We can use a URL launcher in such cases for launching a URL. The library supports iOS, Android, web, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Rx Dart

Rx Dart is the reactive functional programming library for Drat based on Reactive X. It is specially designed to work with Google that extends the capabilities of Dart stream and Stream Controller by offering additional stream classes, operators, and Subjects.


If you are finding the easiest and fastest way to create an app intro then use Flutter-intro-slider. It is a Flutter plugin that enables you to create an amazing introduction slider for the application.

Font awesome Flutter

Font awesome is a Flutter icon library that provides a huge variety of icons to use in applications. The icons can be placed anywhere using the style prefix and icon’s name. Icons are designed to be used with the inline elements. Click here can find the list of available icons.

Source : *Font Awesome*

Cached Network Image

Cached Network Image is a Flutter library to load images from the web and keep them in the cache directory. It provides many customization options that can be used with ease. It saves the information in the browsing devices inside history and can be used with placeholders and error widgets.

Wrapping up:

Though here we have seen the top 10 Flutter libraries of 2021 that simplify flutter app development, the list is long. There are several other libraries and tools widely used in Flutter development. Feel free to comment if you want to know about them or if you have any suggestions in an article regarding the Flutter.

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Happy Coding!

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