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what is manual testing? what are the Benefits and drawbacks of manual testing?

Manual testing :
Manual testing is a type of software testing.
where testers manually execute test cases without the use of automation tools.
In manual testing testers carefully execute test cases to identify defects, bugs, or other issues in the software being tested.

Benefits of manual testing :

  1. The human eye captures more defects.
  2. Everything cannot be automated like Captcha, Image, Animation, Video, etc.
  3. Reports prepared by the manual testers will be always detailed because manual testers are strong in Domain knowledge.
  4. Manual testers can adapt quickly to changes in project requirements, making them valuable assets in agile development environments.
  5. Manual testers to apply real-world scenarios and user interactions more accurately, ensuring extensive testing.

Drawback of Manual Testing:

  1. Time-consuming nature due to the manual execution of test cases.
  2. increased chance of humans making mistakes.
  3. Hard to handle big projects or lots of tests happening often.
  4. Can't check all possible scenarios thoroughly.
  5. Higher resource requirements in terms of manpower and time.

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