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Contributing to Telescope: The Plan!

Telescope is an open source web server and client application for aggregating and presenting blog feeds. Over the next 2 weeks, my plan is to contribute to it.

While there are different areas that can be worked on, I want to focus more on the tools and technologies being used in the project, with a goal of ultimately improving the development experience.
There are two open issues that I've decided to take up and I also plan on working on more, to have a meaningful contribution for release 0.4:

Stop using actions/cache in GitHub Actions Workflows

#2537 talks about using built in cache from setup-node instead of actions/cache.

I've taken a brief look at the actions workflows and after going through the setup-node cache documentation, I think the challenging aspect here would be testing this as it would require creation of pull requests to trigger the CI runs.

Add trojan source eslint plugin to Telescope and Satellite

#2533 was filed to introduce an anti trojan source plugin to Satellite and Telescope. eslint-plugin-anti-trojan-source needs to be added to the ESLint configuration. This seems like a small and straightforward issue which would overall improve the security.

Other than these two issues, I also plan on picking up more tasks to have a sizeable contribution to the project for release 0.4

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