Static or dynamic website?

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I was about to start a podcasting blog with Gatsby, react and graphQL with markdown data. I have made some research about static and dynamic websites. And also the JAMSTACK arquitecture.
I asked some friends, they was fast to answer "dynamic". But after read about new technologies with JAMSTACK arquitecture, I asked myself if a static webpage could handle it or not.
Could anyone help me with that?

Thank you


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Kostas Bariotis

My blog is built using a static site generator (currently Gatsby but I've been through some others too) and I never had any issues with that. Of course, something that works in my case may not work in yours. I am happy with opening my editor, pulling my repo and committing every time I want to write/edit a post. In fact though, If I was an editor in a blog for profit, I would probably have more important things to do than messing with Git. That's a case where a static site generator wouldn't be helpful.

Static site generators (or the JAMSTACK if you will) have come a long way and now there are Headless CMS APIs you can use to make it kind of dynamic, there are admin GUIs that you can attach to your blog to use locally (both self-hosted and online). These though would come in a cost, wheather is paying real money to host or paying with your time to maintain and set up the infrastructure.

I would say write down the capabilities you want to have and what your end goal is. Then decide based on these.

Unfortunately, there is no great answer, hope that was helpful.

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Dheyson Alves Author

Thank you, it was helpful!

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For blog (with podcasts or without) you for sure can use static website. For me as developer storing articles as md files in git is so nice experience.

Do you need comments? You can use discuss or discourse or coral, for example.

It will cost you nothing or almost nothing to host. You can use free accounts for Netlify, now, Cloudflare.

I built mine blog with Hugo. I don't have comments section instead I link to external websites, like dev.to or twitter, where people can discuss my articles.

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Dheyson Alves Author

Thanks, for sure I am considering. It was quite helpful.