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Any difference in Ruby CSV library from 2.3.3/2.4.4 vs 2.5.1?

dharshann profile image Dharshan Bharathuru ・1 min read

While migrating a small ruby app from ruby 2.3.3 to ruby 2.5.1, I am having problem parsing a mechanize text csv file with CSV library. Which works just fine with ruby 2.3.3 and 2.4.4.

csv_header = ["Rep Date", "Or No", "Qw Type", "Sett No", "Order Date", "AS Code", "ZCV", "Amount", "Qty", "BN Code", "AX Code", "User Id", "QW No", "QX Code", "WE No", "MN Code", "KL Name", "IO Id", "A AS", "DD Unit", "DD Amt", "DD Flag", "Remarks", "RRR", "KK Ref No", "TY Type", "SS Regn No", "SR Reg Date", "SU Code", "PPP", "QQQ DEC", "NM Flag", "DP Trans", "O Type"].freeze
converter = lambda { |field, _| field.strip rescue field }
response = agent.submit(form, button)

parsed = CSV.parse(response.body, col_sep: '|', write_headers: true, headers: csv_header, converters: [converter])

# in ruby 2.3.3
parsed.count # 1523

# in ruby 2.5.1
parsed.count # 0

# data in response body looks like bellow
"2018-12-05|8761|T3|9166|2018-12-03|1-R|1JF5|10000.0000|0|11|PBRANCH|88701|2030|489|2312051|4CUM|Kapoor ||41.3500|241.8380|10000.0000|Y||0.0000|66747|SP|3674|24/10/2018|||N|Y|P|NRM|\n2018-12-04|9525|T3|9166|2018-12-03|2-G|1JF5|1000.0000|0|11|BBRANCH|88701|21551|489|545481|VPA|Prasad P||41.3500|24.1840|1000.0000|Y||0.0000|78232|TP|6879|24/09/2018|||N|Y|P|NRM|\n2018-12-04.."

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