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Developer tips you need to know

Before building a website

People usually say to learn HTML, Css or Javascript or any web technologies

Or backend like node js, mongo, firebase etc.

But there is something more important than that before getting started / while building


📌 Make sure you have a proper folder structure before writing the code

You cannot just fill code in your app just like that

📌 Make sure the number of lines in a file doesn't exceed a specific limit

And incase it exceeds make sure you split the code into different modules or files

📌 The character limit of the line of code also shouldn't exceed much

You can check some of the eslint best practices for this

📌 Make sure you add comments in the code. Even if you are a pro in coding if someone else views your code they must be able to understand

📌 Have meaningful names,

let a = 10 ❌
let num1 = 10 ✅

📌 When building also make sure you use constants and make sure similar code is not repeated.

📌 There is something called TDD -
Test Driven Development

Most don't use it, make sure you write test cases both frontend and backend it is essential for building a perfect application

📌 An app created with test cases will be more noticed than a normal app especially in interviews

📌 Even after developing an app and pushing your code in git make sure you specify the version (Eg- node or react version ) of the technology you have used

📌 Because somecases people may clone your repository & if it doesn't work your work may get unnoticed

📌 Above are some of the points which I look into working on other people's code especially

Or when I develop applications

If you have any more input feel free to mention in the comments below.

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