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Python Script to get the AWS EC2 Instance Details

K Dhanesh
Infra Coder Interested in Public & Private Cloud, DC experience in Sublime IP, Equinix | AWS, Python, Ruby on Rails | Automation Using Ansible Docker Capistrano
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Used python version 3.7 and Boto3, Kindly configure the AWS IAM Credentials in your local or workstation

AWS Profile Configuration

aws configure --profile name(my_proile)
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import boto3
import sys
import time

session=boto3.Session(profile_name="my_profile", region_name="us-east-1") #boto3 session, aws profile 

ec2_resource=session.resource(service_name="ec2") # resource object method

client object method, commented because this script using resource object method

#using Resource Object
for each_instances in ec2_resource.instances.all():
    print(, each_instances.state['Name'])

for instance in ec2_resource.instances.all():
            "Id: {0}\nPlatform: {1}\nType: {2}\nPublic IPv4: {3}\nAMI: {4}\nState: {5}\n".format(, instance.platform, instance.instance_type, instance.public_ip_address,, instance.state
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