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Discussion on: Why I Decided To Stay A Frontend Engineer And Stopped Searching Full-Stack Jobs

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Dan Greene

As a frequent interviewer and a full stack dev, I can tell you that all 3 of those interviewers did a bad job and they shouldn’t have treated you like that. They committed a couple of interviewing sins:

  • full stack devs shouldn’t be expected to know details like IIS logs in the same way that they shouldn’t necessarily be capable of knowing off the top of their head every aspect of flexbox
  • they appear to have been really wanting a backend dev who can dabble in the UI but they advertised for a mix of the two
  • they asked specifics as opposed to focusing on your problem solving skills and attitude

All of these speak more about them than you. I’m sorry you had to experience that.

The whole stack is a wonderful journey that I hope everyone gets the opportunity to dabble in and to enjoy. Go forth and learn what makes you excited. Don’t let bad interviewers drive your career. But it sounds like your passion is UI at the moment, so I hope you enjoy it. Best of luck and congrats on being part of a wonderful career. Cheers. :)

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Hansel Solevilla • Edited on

True, most questions were just all about definitions, though it has its advantages of knowing it, but you won't write those code in your every day life as a full-stack engineer. Seems like they just want a hard-core back-end engineer with front-end skills