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Discussion on: What AWS service are you struggling to learn? What’s painful?

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Dan Greene

Check out (no association, just fan) - goes through so much of how/why to use dynamodb - it's a VERY different mindset than typical relational databases, and I agree the aws documentation is factual, just not functional.

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Sebastijan Grabar

Thanks for the suggestion!

In my opinion, it's best to not expect ANYTHING out of DynamoDB and start with a basic assumption that it is a key-value store. Then, you can build from there.

I'm saying this because almost every feature that I assumed worked in one way, turned out to work in another. Plus, there are so many features behaving differently in different scenarios, which, if you want to find that out, you have to go through 3 different documentation pages or blog posts.

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Alejandra Quetzalli 🐾 Author

We have an amazing DA that is currently working on improving the DynamoDB docs. He agrees with you, trust me! Thank you for this feedback, I will be passing this on to him.

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Paul Williamson

Good note - I'm likely going to have to look at dynamodb in relation to EMR soon. I'll definitely check that site out