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Are you aware of the 5 Second Rule?

Save for later.

This rule is commonly applied to Landing Page Design.

It helps to understand if the scope of the page is clear.

To do :

  1. Show your page to someone for 5 seconds.
  2. Hide it and ask them what they feel the purpose of the page was.

This will tell you, if your page is communicating the same as you intended it to.

The 3 important elements to take care of :

  1. Title
  2. CTA (Call to Action)
  3. Catchy Image

5 sec rule

You page should communicate :

  1. What your brand/business does
  2. What the website is for
  3. What the visitor/user is supposed to do, i.e., Call to Action

You only have 5 Seconds to get your user involved!

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Jon Randy

Really depends where you drop the food