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re: I would try to say to explain it shorter. React - Just a library full with anti-patterns, does the job fast, doesn't always do it right. Vue - M...

A) React isn't necessarily "full with anti-patterns"
B) As a Vue developer since 2017 I started getting lots of job inquiries last year

I'll just stop there. Your "explanation" seems like so much FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) to me.


well at least this is how the things looks to me . :)

About react.. well not full :) just embraces a few.. :D my definition of full is more then 2.

I just simply see you do not know what you are talking about. :)

Maybe I don't, however this is the way I see it. As said I am not a frontend developer still this is the way I will choose a framework. Also keep in mind this depends on country from country. I am coming from a mostly outsourcing country however we do a lot of product development and I am not coming from an country with a lot of service or outsourcing for service development.. so this is also something to be aware of ;)

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