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What can I do if I cannot upload the native symbol file when using the Crash service?

Zachary Powell
With over 10 years experience in Android development Zachary now leads the AppGallery Connect Advocate team to promote the use of the tools and SDKs offered.
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I have been using the Crash service provided by HUAWEI AppGallery Connect recently. However, I encountered two problems when using it. One is that the native symbol file failed to be generated, and two, I failed to upload the file. In this post, I summarized my experience in the hope that it will help others who encounter the same problem.

Generating a Native Symbol File

I added the following code by referring to the official materials but couldn't find the agcp task in the Tasks directory under

    debug = true
    appVersion = 1.0
    symbolUpload = true   
    debugSoDirectory = "D:\\Onebox\\AndroidProject\\crashdemo\\app\\build\\intermediates\\cmake"
    ndkDirectory = "D:\\AndroidSDK\\sdk\\ndk\\21.3.6528147"
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I checked the documentation and found that I hadn't added the JSON file, so I added the JSON file to the app directory and synchronized the project. This resolved the problem.


A missing debugSoDirectory parameter will also cause the problem. So, make sure you add it as well.

Uploading a Native Symbol File

Once the file was generated, I double-clicked processReleaseSymbolUpload. An HTTP exception was reported, as shown in the following figure.

I often connect my PC to our company's proxy. Once I disconnected from the proxy, the file was uploaded successfully.

If you cannot upload the file using a gradle plugin, you can also use a symbol table tool.


Or, you can manually upload the file in AppGallery Connect.


For more info see the official documentation

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