New year goal (2019) done: Complete a side project

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Hello, devs,

Usman here. I'm pleased to share a side project I've been working on since the beginning of the year. It's probably the only new year (2019) goal I've completed. 😇
Anyway, the project is named Schdlr, pronounced "Scheduler", It's a mobile application designed to share events (schedules) with family, friends, and colleagues. A schedule in this context could be a meetup group, calendar, timetable, etc. It works both offline and online.

Some of the features include:

  • Follow schedules of interest
  • Event offline reminders
  • Create recurring events
  • Real-time updates on events
  • Communicate with event participants

I built it completely with ReactNative and AWS, and one of the challenges I faced was learning AWS, Yeah it has a somewhat steep learning curve for someone with zero AWS knowledge but everything starts to make sense after a month or so, especially while having great community support (thanks @dabit3 ). One of my main objectives was following industry standard and I have to say, some days I feel like a big fraud and question my career choice. Overall I'm happy with this project and I look forward to 2020.

Please give it a try and tell me what you think. It's currently available only on Android,😞 IOS version will be coming soon. Thank you!


Known issues:

  • No notification sound in some devices. Not sure if it's an android or module problem.
  • Sometimes AdMob delivers the wrong banner size. Still trying to figure it out. I try to keep Ads very minimal and unobtrusive.
  • I'm still new to AWS pricing, so I've limited file upload size to 8mb.


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Damn this is so awesome!!! Completely puts my Python flask recipe side project to shame... Great work


Congrats on the new app. Great work.