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Usman Suleiman
Usman Suleiman

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Do you write tests for your side projects?

A lot of posts talk about writing tests but I feel writing tests for a side project is a real drag, maybe i'm just a very lazy person. What about you?

PS: Any kind of tests. 😇

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Selahattin Ünlü

I was not writing any test for any kind of projects before. Then, I realized I'm doing too effort to test something manually to check if it is broke or not. Also, I can't be brave to refactoring or deleting piece of code. So, I decided to write test to improve my productivity and self-confident. I don't force myself to write test for every piece of code but I try to write test for important parts or for parts which are too many times I've made manual test on.

So it does not matter if it's side-project or main-project. It's related about the productivity I think.
I don't want to make manual test over and over any more. :)

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Filis Futsarov

I actually test more in side projects