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Unleash the blogger in you!

Are you a technical blogger passionate about writing interesting & exciting content to create a meaningful impact in people’s lives using technology? Using your writing skills, do you love to break down complex IT scenarios and explain them in simple terms?

If yes, Devtron brings an exciting opportunity to all the tech writers across the globe. Participate now and stand a chance to win exciting prizes and goodies. The published blogs between 5th May - 30th June, can be submitted to



Roll-up your selves, become a blogging sifu 🥋 and get a chance to win exciting prizes along with Devtron branded swags.

Top 3 winners

Amazon Gift vouchers + Devtron Swag Kit

  • Winner: $350
  • Runner up: $200
  • 2nd Runner up: $100

4th position to 10th position

  • $25 Amazon Gift voucher + Devtron Swag Kit

All valid submitters

  • Devtron Swag Kit

Blogathon Themes

Participants can write about any topics on the given themes, covering relevant scenarios and use cases.

  • Kubernetes
  • AppOps
  • DevOps/DevSecOps

How to Participate?

  • Write technical blogs on one or multiple themes mentioned above.
  • Your blog must cover examples, scenarios, or relevant use-cases of the technology themes on which you are writing.
  • You are allowed to publish any number of blogs. There are no restrictions.
  • Publish your blogs on any platform like, Medium, Hackernoon, Dzone, Hashnode, etc. The blogs must be publicly accessible to anyone visiting the submitted blog page.
  • You can submit blog entries only as an individual. Team participation is not eligible.

Judging Criteria

  • Your blog should be written in English.
  • Your blog has to be original (not plagiarized) and new material (not a republication) published between 5th May 2022 to 30th June 2022 (both dates inclusive).
  • Your blog must be non-trivial with a minimum of 500 words. Videos that explain relevant aspects of your topic inside the blogs will carry additional points.
  • The popularity of your blogs (number of blogs, likes, shares, views, etc) will carry additional points. Blogs that are aligned with Devtron will carry additional points.
  • Blogs talking about any software or tool should have a fair comparison against Devtron.
  • Include back-links to the Devtron website and GitHub in a prominent section of the blog, with relevant hashtags at the end of your blog.
  • You give KonfHub & Devtron, permission to share your blogs in their online resources, newsletters, and social media (you will still own all the rights to your submission).
  • Winner selections will be at the sole discretion of Devtron.


Signup for free on our Discord server and join the #devtron-blogathon channel to view the scoreboard. Scores will be updated weekly on the channel.

Is promoting a Blog allowed?

Yes, Definitely! You should promote your published blogs on whichever platforms you want to. You can promote your blogs via Twitter, LinkedIn, Emails, Newsletters, etc. This would help increase the visibility and reach!

While sharing your blogs, Do mention Devtron’s official handles and relevant hashtags including #DevtronBlogathon2022 and #devtron.

The top 10 blogs will be shared from Devtron’s official social handles. Feel free to reach out to us on our discord server for any issues or help.

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sudhargovindan profile image
Sudharshan Govindan

The end date of the Blogging contest has been extended till 15th July 2022! Hurry up, submit as many entries as possible.