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Devtron: A business opportunity in developers’ needs

Devtron is one of the few Indian Companies that is providing advanced Open Source tools using Kubernetes.

One of our co-founder, Rajesh, talks about all things Kubernetes, DevOps, and Devtron in a chat with Srinath Srinivasan. Featured in Financial Express!

Read the full article here: Devtron: A business opportunity in developers’

Checkout Devtron's OSS here:

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Tool integration platform for Kubernetes

Tool integration platform for Kubernetes

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Devtron deeply integrates with products across the lifecycle of microservices,i.e., CI, CD, security, cost, debugging, and observability via an intuitive web interface.

Devtron helps you deploy, observe, manage & debug existing Helm apps in all your clusters.

Devtron features

Application-level Resource grouping for easier Debugging
  • Devtron groups your Kubernetes objects deployed via Helm charts and display them in a slick UI for easier monitoring or debugging. Access pod logs and resource manifests right from the Devtron UI and even edit them!
Centralized Access Management
- Control and give customizable view-only, edit access to users on Project, Environment and Application levels
Deploy, Manage and Observe on multiple clusters

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