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Top 9 sites for staying up to date as a software developer

Staying up to date as a software developer on the latest tools, industry news and trends can be tough.

Luckily there are loads of websites dedicated to collecting and organising developer news and articles to make it easier to stay up to date as a developer.

But with so many to choose from it can be difficult to know which sites are best to keep up to date, find the latest tools and to read relevant and interesting articles.

So we put this list together to make it easier!

1. homescreen

We believe that every developer should use They take hundreds of sources of developer news and put it all into a single, customisable feed.

They also have a browser extension that means that every time you open a new tab you are showed your feed. This is a great way to form good habits around reading regularly and staying up to date!

We put this as number 1 because they appear to pull news from most of the other sites listed here anyway so it might be the only site you need!


2. Reddit

Reddit isn't just cat pics and memes.

/r/programming contains a wealth of useful information for developers. But there are hundreds of subreddits around machine learning, your favourite framework, web design and more!

Visit reddit

3. DZone

With a back catalogue of over 70,000 articles DZone is a great place to bookmark!

Spanning everything from Agile to Security you are highly likely to find some useful articles there.

Visit DZone

4. A List Apart

If you like distraction free and minimal styling then A List Apart is a great site!

Particular great for front end devs they have articles on design, UX, content creation, code and more.

Visit A List Apart

5. Product Hunt

Product hunt is one of the best places to find the latest tools and sites to boost your productivity (or waste hours!).

A great way to see what tools are being launched and find new tech related sites and products.

Visit Product Hunt

6. DEV community

DEV is a site hosting thousands of articles written by devs.

It can get a little noisy on there sometimes but there are some great articles and authors on the site.

DEV community

7. Hacker Noon

You have to love Hackernoon's styling!

But even if you don't like their styling it is packed with amazing articles.

You can spend hours there!

Visit Hacker Noon

8. Better Dev Links

If you like simplicity Better Dev Link is for you.

They curate a weekly newsletter with some of the best links from around the web on software development.

Great if you are short of time and want a quick list of interesting articles to read each week!

Visit Better Dev Links

9. Slashdot

Last but not least is Slashdot.

Pretty sure this is the oldest site on this list, launched over 25 years ago!

But just because it is old doesn't mean it isn't worth visiting from time to time! They have a great community and really interesting articles are still posted there!



Obviously there are hundreds of other sites, but these were the ones we thought added the most value to a developer!

Hopefully you find this article useful and we hope that you discovered at least one new site in our list!

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B. Burt • Edited

Awesome list! Thanks for this. I'd like to include which I learned about from this post on Medium:

harshad_tweet profile image
Harshad Prajapati

Great collection!

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden

Awesome list! I'm using a lot more and my latest article got picked up by them πŸ₯³

karladler profile image
Karl Adler

wow can't believe alistapart is still a top resource, I havn't visited it in a while, but it was my top ressource, when I started web development almost 15 years ago.

uzair004 profile image
Muhammad Uzair

Useful list +hashnode

wilmela profile image

Thanks for sharing.

tqbit profile image

I'd go for hackertab:

dailydevtips1 profile image
Chris Bongers

Love it!

Great suggestions and especially proud to see in there πŸ’–

jlee1546 profile image
Jonathan Lee

Awesome list! Just what I needed. Thanks!

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Is there anyone missing from our list? Let us know in the comments!