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Introducing 'firebaseauth' Spring Boot Library


How many times have you struggled with setting up security in your Spring Boot API? Well those days are over now that you can use the firebaseauth library to take care of that.

By following a simple set of steps you can have an API secured with Firebase in a matter of minutes! You won't have to deal with custom filters, exceptions or the Firebase SDK for that matter.


When I first started to develop APIs with Firebase I struggled on how to set it up within Spring Boot since the documentation available was a little obfuscted, with this library I hope to help anyone that may have the same problems that I had. The project's README file has all you need to do in order to have a working, secured Spring Boot API.

If you are interested I would gladly appreciate that you leave a star in the project's repo here:

GitHub logo DevTony101 / firebaseauth

Spring-Boot library to abstract API authentication with Firebase

Firebase Auth License

If you need to protect your Spring Boot API with the help of Firebase quickly and stress-free then this is the library for you It will provide you with a simple yet powerful implementation to receive and decode a Firebase token and to put that information available in Spring's own security context.

Table of Contents


  • Quick and seamless security setup for your API
  • CORS configuration and 401 error validations are already taken care of
  • The information obtained from the decoded firebase token is put directly in the security context with a default role if one hast not been provided by the token (more of that later!)
  • You won't need to manually read your firebase configuration file


Getting started

Before starting you need to make sure…

Thank you so much for reading! See you next time.

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