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You can now web-monetize your DEV posts! (But don't get your hopes up too quickly)

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...You won't make a lot of money right away with this new feature, but you can now enable web monetization by adding a "payment pointer" to your account.

πŸ‘‰ settings/misc to add a payment pointer

It's also in beta so there may be some kinks to work out.

Full details of how payment pointers in this other post...

I just wanted to mention how happy I am personally that we were able to ship functionality. It allows individual authors on DEV to get on board β€” right through their settings! As more Forems pop up, platform creators and individual members may be able to share in the pie. A lot of adoption has to happen for this to work out, but it's a future we're happy to be pushing.

Web monetization is not baked into browsers yet, but it may be sometime soon. Mozilla's support for Grant for the Web is cool to see. This could be an important part of content-driven web in the future.

I'm so excited about this collab! Immediately thought of you all when I met Coil in Amsterdam! I think adding web monetization to DEV is the perfect fit and incentive for authors!

Coil is the company principally behind web monetization. You can support web-monetized content creators by spending $5/month through their service.

Disclaimer: that's a Coil referral link.

Happy monetizing πŸ€‘

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The DEV Team

The team behind this very platform. πŸ˜„


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Just a small tip: You can use your domain name as a payment pointer by setting up a 302 redirect from /.well-known/pay to your real payment pointer, replacing $ with https://.

For people who use Netlify, here’s an example _redirects file that does this:

/.well-known/pay https://coil.xrptipbot.com/bUJCmmzwRWaC8FIx4jeppg 302

…and now my payment pointer is just $dt.in.th.

This has been spec’d in the Payment Pointers Spec, under the β€œResolution” section and supported by Coil extension.


...and now my payment pointer is just $pother.ca

Freaking awesome! Great tip, thanks!



By the way, this post is monetized with my pointer.... Show me the money πŸ€‘


Hey, I just added my pointer to the setting. But I see a different pointer in view page source. Can you explain to me why is that so?


Yeah, I noticed the same. I added mine and can't see it - instead some other pointer is displayed.


I confirmed with Ben that it's being taken care of on server side. It would be changed shortly.


Encryption type something?


Yessss! Just added my payment pointer, time to get those fractional pennies!

Now I'm much more excited to get my latest post out! Thanks DEV team!


Fractional pennies? I’m way past that phase, check out these whole pennies streaming in 😎


It would be interesting in the next few weeks to see some rough analytics for avg. $/view that a popular post gets. Then in the longer term, actually plotting that across months to see if there is a measure increase or trend.


Hey Ben, a small doubt about web monetization. Where does this money come from? If you could point to a doc which explains how the whole thing works.

The money comes from other users/readers who use web monetization. As far as I know, Coil is the only payment service available right now, and costs $5/month.

DEV is actually hosting a hackathon right now centered around web monetization and the announcement post explains it all pretty well. Here's a link to it.


Whoa!, Really excited to try this out!


This is amazing! I've been putting aside adding this to my personal website for the longest time this just gave me that push.


😎 Cool to see DEV making steps forward to give back to the content creators on the site!


Definitely. In the long run we really really want to position ourselves as an important, but small part of a much bigger ecosystem where value is broadly distributed.

Of course Forem does that on a community-by-community basis, but we want each community to have that relationship with their end users.

Hopefully this is just a little part of an ongoing journey to make this all happen.


This is super exciting! Keen to see the cents start rolling in 😎


Let's gooo πŸ™Œ Just added it to my personal site as well!


Every time I hear about a new feature I get excited but as soon as I try to use it all the services block me because I'm from Iran. It is cruel. It wasn't my choice to be born here. :((((


I feel your pain, I'm from Cuba.


Have you tried GateHub? It seems this platform is available to all regions.


That is possible but they require me to verify my identity usin my passport :((((


πŸ‘‹ everyone....

Ok. I'm not πŸ’―% sure. But I'm smiling about this all the same.

I've added payment pointers to two sites and I've made $2.00. I'm enthused and excited. I highly recommend that everyone add a payment pointer to their profile. And write at least one article a week.

If you're not sure what to write about leave a comment on my topics I could write about discussion post.

I'll make sure I reply to every comment 🌞.


@ben May there be a chance to also see brave rewards added?


Does DEV receive a percentage of these micro-transactions? Or are these micro-transactions sent in their entirety to the creator of the post / article?


Nope, 100% direct to creator. Coil, or other providers might have to charge a credit card transaction depending on how you fund your account (not micropayments, but the initial funding), but DEV has no part in this except helping folks publish their pointer.

We will put our own pointer on other parts of the site where no user pointer exists, and to the extent we make money in this system it will be that way.


Awesome! One last question: Will Dev implement "premium" functionality for users using the website with Coil or with any other provider?


This is so awesome, I am searching for a job and sharing what I learnt via dev posts, but understanding a topic, then breaking it down to understandable bits and designing animations for easier learning takes too much time, but this makes it all worth it and might earn a little while doing so !

It's a win-win !


Sadly, the last few posts I made on Blogger didn't auto-replicate like the prior ones did. Dunno if the connection's perma-broke or if there was something in the Blogger markdown that rendered those most recent posts not ingestible by Dev. So, no earning capability. :(


Super ExcitedπŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ˜Ό,
Thanks a lot to dev team and all the other Devian's to support and I am really happy for this even we would make a less amout or large but a lot of new Dev's will get attracted and our DevTo platform will get a massive boost and great opportunity to learn and earn!!

Thank you dev team,😼😼😼😼


@ben does this somehow mean that dev.to posts will start to be under a paywall?


No I wouldn't think so.


We are very against the idea of a Paywall for DEV. The express idea of a site like this is primarily to distribute content broadly to help us solve problems and teach each other as we learn.

Paywalls completely suck 99% of the time and are antithetical to this idea.

Here's an old blog post...

I could see us coming up with some kind of functionality that is monetized-only, but for us it wouldn't be straight up content. It's possible that some other Forems could be web-monetized only if it fits the purpose of the community, but again not DEV.


This is awesome. Question..... I'm using the dev.to app. Will it automatically coil my micro payments? And I've added my pointer. And I made a penny the other day 🀸.


How're you tackling it on mobile app? Is it possible for Coil to make it through custom virtual environment.


I'm way more curious about how this works than I am in actually using it.
I'm also really wary of things being monetised at all, though I did quite like the idea of things like flattr.


This inspired me to go all in! I setup my wallet here and on my personal blog. In addition, I became a Coil member. This is really exciting stuff.


Woah. Just added my pointer. Waiting to see how it goes during my next post