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Why Do Developers Flock to Rust?

Why do you think Rust has gained such popularity among developers in recent years? Share your thoughts on the benefits and advantages of using Rust for various types of projects, and discuss how it has impacted the software development landscape.

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Rust's surge in popularity stems from its unique blend of performance, safety, and developer ergonomics. Its strong memory safety guarantees prevent common bugs like null pointer dereferences and data races, enhancing code reliability. Rust's ownership system enables high-level abstractions without sacrificing performance, making it suitable for systems programming tasks. Its rich ecosystem and powerful tooling further streamline development. Rust's impact is profound: it revitalizes systems programming, fosters a culture of code correctness, and influences other languages to adopt similar safety features. Its versatility extends from low-level systems programming to web development, enabling safer and more efficient software across various domains

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Alex Lohr

There are a few reasons to choose rust over other languages: the tooling is superb - compiler and linter (clippy) messages are helpful and actionable, the standard libraries are well thought-out; there are different solutions catering for different use-cases so you'll almost always find something to solve your issues.

That combined with an innovative and secure solution for memory management and the ability to use c libraries and have Web Assembly as feasible compile target make up a pretty compelling language.

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Ben Halpern

I think Rust is clear about what it's good at: Performance and safety in lower-level contexts.

Compared with alternatives, I think its reputation and value proposition are a lot more clear.

walfal profile image

It can be hard to dive into Rust from OOP because it's absolutely something else, and deal with the borrow checker it something unique and quite uninstinctive.
However, Rust have a beautiful performance, and the compiler errors are so enjoyable. Knowing precisely what to do to correct your code (suggestions made by the compiler), and the a lot of errors are catched by the compiler. While on others languages, you have to run the code and test (with unit tests or manualy).

nigel447 profile image

possibly best wasm / wasi support

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Ferdinand Davidenko

I see it way safer than C, but without sacrificing speed, super reliable and efficient, especially when it comes to memory usage, which is a big deal for us devs.

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