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What was your win this week?

What's up folks!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekends. 🙌

Looking back on this past week, what was something you were proud of accomplishing?

All wins count — big or small 🎉

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Grokking spaghetti code while eating spaghetti pasta 🍝

A cute little rodent chowing down on spaghetti in the palm of somebody's hands

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cbid2 profile image
Christine Belzie

Win: I created a Twitter thread for the first time ever, and it got 15 likes and 4 retweets:
As someone who’s never done this before(I always found Twitter dumb but not anymore lol), this is awesome! :)

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington • Edited

Very nice! Twitter has its ups and downs, but I'm glad you're finding the up side. 🙌

Y'know, you can actually embed that here if you want by posting it like this:

{% embed %}

No need to do so unless ya wanna, but just wanted to share that bit of info with ya! You can embed all sorts of things thanks to this change courtesy of @aritdeveloper (gonna embed it here so I can show ya what an embed looks like... plus it just seems appropriate 😉):

Anywho, congrats on the win and thanks for chiming in here! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

dhanushnehru profile image
Dhanush N

That's great & congrats on the win

lensco825 profile image

I finished learning the basics of C# and Blender! Here's a Donut I made using Blender Guru's Donut Tutorial which is how I learned blender.

Image description

megadev81 profile image
Paul Hughes • Edited

Needs more sprinkles 😋
Great stuff though, C# for game Dev I'm guessing? I was the same, had to learn C# from Java, so wasn't too difficult, but a cleaner language. Blender/GIMP/Inkscape/Audacity, I learned as well just to do games on Unity, but recently have been working on Unreal, and yeah the C++ is not as gd to use, Blueprints is ok, but the Engine works better than Unity, far more stable, unity has been a mess since 2019.3, it was ok, I downloaded it bk in 2011, but shelved it as my programming was lacking, doing C at Uni, very hard at the time, then uninstalled it around 2014, then reinstalled it 2016 and wish I had used it sooner when I had the chance in 2011, I'd be much further into my OOP programming, if only I never "flaked" so soon. But yeah Unity 5 to 2019.2 just worked, then 2019.3, until 2021.3 it has been terrible at times, crashes constantly abd could not use the Remote 5 for testing after changing to Starter assets and new UI input, which annoyed me for over 2 years until they fixed it, then I was backlogged with almost 1 year and half of testing as I switched to UE4 for 6-8 months bk n forth and will be finishing that FPS once my 3D android game is done which has taken me twice as long as it should have and have lost 2 years income!

Got to love some Blender though, I created my 3D character for my android game, it's ok, but had to keep the vertices down, so as not to slow the fps down with a massive size of player lol.
Good luck with whatever you are deciding to do with your C#/Blender skills, .net is much better now too being cross platform, you can do Xamarin for Android/iOS, but you need a mac for iOS, then you have for web, there is also ML.Net for machine learning, Unity for games and obviously VSCode which is a great editor for any language and Visual Studio community which in my opinion is the best by far.
All the best. 👍🏼

lensco825 profile image

I am learning C# and blender for game dev, great guess!
I decided to choose Unity for it's large and diverse community of 3D and 2D game developers and seeing how effecient it was for them. I was also inspired by aarthaficial's and t3ssel8r's dev logs using Unity and blender, but i've seen that Unreal Engine is effecient as well. I haven't started using Unity yet because i'm thinking of wether i should do 2D or 3D for my game, i've always wanted to do 3D but it seems complex and it takes a while to learn how to get the graphics and details you want while 2D is a bit better for begginers. I'm glad you told me that Unity can crash sometimes, i'll be careful by saving my work as an external file if i can. I don't really know where to start learning Unity but i'll defenitly get there!

vulcanwm profile image

I started learning Next.js/React and made a blogging website and remade my portfolio in Next.js!

codeofrelevancy profile image
Code of Relevancy

Getting unexpected response from the DEV community for my articles. Thanks to all the supporters..

carlarjenkins profile image

Got accepted into a new program where I would learn more about technical writing and developer advocacy. One of my program managers referred me for inclusion into this program which was cool because I did not think that people were watching my work.

codenameone profile image
Shai Almog

Spoke at a meetup about Kubernetes debugging.
Started a new series in my blog about DevOps practices.
An interview of mine came out.
Also, came to the realization that I really need to start pushing my new startup idea. But I need to clean up my slate to do that...

dmitryame profile image
Dmitry Amelchenko

Hacked together in couple of hours a react-native app for icebreaker questions in team meetings.
The Android app is on the store, the iOS –– still waiting for approval.
And the code is here:
Not a big deal, but, sometimes boredom at work makes you want to do something silly. I was setting the goal of cross platform mobile app in one day. Obvious conclusion -- writing code is easy, the biggest barrier to completion -- app store review process.

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

I did some neat stuff with GPT this week, really getting to better understand how to use it in a software development context.

integerman profile image
Matt Eland

I think mine would have to be surviving Thursday. I had to sub in as a presenter for my user group yesterday on short notice with a new talk (Making Code Accessible to New Team Members) and I also revamped the 4 hour lecture I gave to my students Thursday morning, covering LINQ and Entity Framework in C# for the first time.

I also finished session evaluation for the Stir Trek conference and really loved the session abstracts I got to see.

h_sifat profile image
Muhammad Sifat Hossain • Edited

I created an app to visualize word unsrambling algorithm. But seems like nobody is interested in it 😔. It took me more than 5 days and 1k+ lines of code.

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor

Wrapped up my work on Remix! Blog post to come soon!

feat: update to official Netlify Remix template #83


Updates the template. The updated template uses remix.init to offer installing Remix for Netlify Functions or for Netlify Edge Functions. The Netlify Functions template existed already within Remix, but when I was working on, we turned it into one template, extending the template via remix.init to choose between Netlify Functions and Netlify Edge Functions.

Ignore the deploy preview loading with a page not found. The template has changed and a deploy preview does not make sense at the moment. We'll need to rethink how we deploy the different templates as a deploy preview.

Related Tickets & Documents

QA Instructions, Screenshots, Recordings

  1. Ensure the Netlify CLI is installed and up to date.

  2. Check out this branch, e.g. via the GitHub CLI, gh co 83

  3. There are four test scenarios:

    • Create a Remix app using TypeScript for Netlify Functions
    • Create a Remix app using JavaScript for Netlify Functions
    • Create a Remix app using TypeScript for Netlify Edge Functions
    • Create a Remix app using JavaScript for Netlify Edge Functions
  4. For each scenario, it always starts by running the following from the root folder in a shell.

npx create-remix --template ./
Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode
  1. The CLI will prompt for a location for the project.
❯ npx create-remix --template ./
? Where would you like to create your app? (./my-remix-app)
Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode

Ensure that the location is outside of the Netlify Remix template folder, e.g. ../my-remix-app

  1. The Remix CLI will prompt you to choose TypeScript or JavaScript. Choose accordingly for the given test scenarios mentioned above.
? TypeScript or JavaScript? (Use arrow keys)
❯ TypeScript 
Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode
  1. The Remix CLI will prompt you to install packages, press the ENTER to accept the default answer of Yes
? Do you want me to run `npm install`? (Y/n)
Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode

The npm packages will install.

  1. The Remix CLI extended with our questions will prompt to create the app with Netlify Functions or Netlify Edge Functions.
💿 Running remix.init script
? Run your Remix site with: (Use arrow keys)
❯ Netlify Functions - Choose this for stable support for production sites 
  Netlify Edge Functions (beta) - Try this for improved performance on non-critical sites
Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode

Choose accordingly for the given test scenarios mentioned above.

  1. Change to the the directory of the project you just created, e.g. ../my-remix-app
  2. Note that the newly created project should not contain a .github folder
  3. The for the project should be for the given deployment target. If you created a new Remix app using the Netlify Functions template, it should have this README. Otherwise, it should be this README.
    1. The netlify.toml for the project should be for the given deployment target. If you created a new Remix app using the Netlify Functions template, it should have this netlify.toml. Otherwise, it should be this netlify.toml.
  4. Run npm install
  5. Run ntl build --offline
  6. Run ntl serve
  7. Navigate to https://localhost:8888 and the page loads.


Testing a deployment

If you want to test a deploy of your new Remix app created by the Remix template:

  1. Ensure you're logged in to Netlify via the CLI
ntl login
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  1. Create a new site:
ntl init
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  1. Deploy the site:
ntl deploy --build 
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or for production

ntl deploy --build --prod
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For us to review and ship your PR efficiently, please perform the following steps:

  • [x] Open a bug/issue before writing your code 🧑‍💻. This ensures we can discuss the changes and get feedback from everyone that should be involved. If you`re fixing a typo or something that`s on fire 🔥 (e.g. incident related), you can skip this step.
  • [x] Read the contribution guidelines 📖. This ensures your code follows our style guide and passes our tests.
  • [ ] Update or add tests (if any source code was changed or added) 🧪
  • [ ] Update or add documentation (if features were changed or added) 📝
  • [x] Make sure the status checks below are successful

A picture of a cute animal (not mandatory, but encouraged)

troy5890 profile image
Troy Harris

Making a Simple Weather Card app and deploying it on Netlify. First time fetching and using an API, and it feels nice to make some progress in learning!

slk5611 profile image
shivlal kumavat

This week I got new thing that is mongo hack:

logarithmicspirals profile image

Got my personal website hooked up to this website via RSS. Very cool to see the posts automatically get pulled in.

jeremyf profile image
Jeremy Friesen

I submitted a conference talk and seminar proposal for RailsConf, while also refactoring some code to remove a performance bottle neck; this involved several steps of refactoring.