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What was your win this week?

Hey folks 👋

Hope that y'all all enjoy your weekends.

Looking back on this past week, what was something you were proud of accomplishing?

All wins count — big or small 🎉

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Visiting with friends 🙌

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Matt Eland

I had two big milestones: I submitted my first book proposal and detailed outline to a major publisher. I also submitted my first course proposal and detailed outline to a major online learning platform. Both of these were at the platform / publisher's request, so we shall see what comes next.

Also, yesterday morning I got details on what my first project as a consultant will be, and it's right in my wheelhouse: a combination of dotnet, Azure, and engineering leadership.

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nice. good luck with the rest.

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Michael Tharrington

Woot woot! Very nice Jyothikrishna.

And look at the lovely embedded button. Saw the Hex calculator you're cooking up too. That's a cool idea! 💡

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My team and I successfully finished a huge project we worked on for the past six months! It was a fun journey and I cannot be more proud! 🍓🍰

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Rain Leander

This week has been phenomenal for me as I crossed the thousand follower mark (my deepest gratitude to all of you!). Moreover, I sealed a deal with Apress to pen a book! It's quite staggering, to be honest. I'm swamped with emotions and filled with humility and thankfulness.

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Michael Tharrington

Oh wow!! That's awesome, Rain. 🙌

And it all makes sense, you've been sharing some really excellent articles. Major congrats on both fronts.

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Ricardo Giro

I finished CS50!! This was a major achievement for me. It's also been one year since I got my first real IT job; last time I posted here too, which is about to change. But finishing CS50 made me more comfortable with things I feel very uncomfortable about, like web development.
I work for a very small company as the only programmer and haven't had the chance to learn about and practice methodologies like SOLID and ViewModel stuff. So I'm starting a web app in ASP.NET to practice all that and more :D I will also be documenting my progress here on

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Ervin Szilagyi
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Michael Tharrington

Awww yeah! Nice one, Ervin. Looks like a super thorough and helpful post. Thank ya for sharing it with us!

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Dan Bailey
  • attended Microsoft Build in Seattle
  • crushing my online Tailwind CSS course
  • planning my first large-scale app build
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I ran my first two workshops for our Intro to Open Source Course!

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Vicente Antonio G. Reyes

My win this week is getting a technical assessment for a Shopify gig!

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Quack Quack

I created a project for inspecting json string from api respone

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I learned some more SQL as part of learning back end webdevlopment