What was your win this week?

Gracie Gregory (she/her) on June 05, 2020

πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of? All wins count -- big or small. Examples of 'wins' include: Starting a ... [Read Full]
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I started writing on dev.to. I am amused looking at the support and love this community provides.

Please have a look and provide your valuable comments and suggestions.

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DEV has the best πŸ™Œ community


Me too 😁.
I shared my second post and i didnt expect that i would get some positive feedbacks and reactions.
Have a look to that post:


Welcome to the community. Nice article. I'm also trying to learn some front end technologies.


I enjoyed stumbling across another JESS LEE today πŸ˜„


Oh, a name twin. I have a name twin that lives A FEW STATES AWAY. I occasionally get emails meant for her.


I think I might actually have 10,000 name twins :D


Whoa I love their art!!


Confirmed my new job is still there for me, just a little delayed! Berlin, ho.


Welcome to Berlin! You know a time already?


Danke! Not quite - I should have some clarity after June 15 about the timeline, but will be planning to move as soon as I can procure the paperwork. I was intended to start June 1 before international travel halted, so "as soon as possible" :)


Started reading β€žClean Codeβ€œ and by that a major refactoring of a Web App I’m working on.

Im currently in the middle of it and it would not even build right now, but when I am done, the tests can flow in. πŸ‘


Almost through the book. Done with the first wave of refactorings. Their single purpose is to enable more and better test.
Almost 100 Unit Tests already (there are other thing on my plate as well) and still a long way to go.

Done with one assembly of 6... and the most basic one. But start at the bottom and build a solid fundament. Nevertheless, those were the easy tests.


I really enjoyed Bob's recent appearance on the clean coders podcast talking about the programmers oath.



Started level up css knowledge and UI/UX Skills


OMG this gif! Jordan Peele bringing excellence, as per usual πŸ˜‚


Cool! What CSS stuff are you working with now?


Not any special stuff. Just try to get more understanding about overall. 😊

I hear ya. CSS can be overwhelming.

Yap. Always forget stuff πŸ˜„


Wrapping up my second blog post regarding my journey to becoming a Dev. With two kids I found it hard to sit down and have time to do anything for myself. So I count this as a big win lol.



My win was that I wrote my first post on dev.to yesterday. I recently launched my own blog and after that this is the first time I posted on dev.to. I must say received very good response from this best dev community.


Congrats on your first post!

1st place in Mariokart


Thank you..hope first of many more..


Well this week I started building my kotlin project for the event that I have enrolled.
And finally submitted yesterday 😊
Google developers India has organized an 30 Days of Kotlin challenge.
Feeling excited regarding this. πŸ˜‡


I published a monorepo called Laziness, where I have two dev tools to automate component and integration tests. It's open-sourced now and written in Typescript.


Hmmm, it was a "frustratingly buggy" week. But the thought process that this frustration triggered made it worthwhile and I consider that the biggest win of the week. And it should keep me busy!

Any feedback welcome!


Got invited for my first interview!


Have been playing around with design systems. I think its something I definitely want to look more into


We're building one at DEV! You can check out progress at storybook.dev.to


of course I will check it out. Thank you


found time to blog at dev.to for the first time since april:

also started looking into an own jitsi server for devrel meetups I host. This should result in more blogposts on dev =]


Completed a blog post , small things :)


Wrote an article about my new side project called Dev Chapters. My first Vue projectπŸ‘Œ


In my job, we've deployed to production a super BIG feature. I'm really proud of me and my team.


Reduce aws bill in almost 1000 dollars!


Heyyyyy that always feels good! πŸ₯³


I finally finished a React course on Udemy! πŸŽ‰


way to go Dana!πŸ‘πŸŽ‰ and also can you share the course link?


Here you go: udemy.com/course/react-the-complet...

I also have taken a Vue.js course from the same instructor and enjoyed it.


I think my win this week was getting my hackathon partner to realise that her contribution is not only valued but her opinion mattered more to me than the hackathon.

We bonded. I understood her prior engagements were more important. But she put such a smile on my face with some of her comments and determination to contribute.

We just paired up and the time difference is 8 hours. So it's not always easy to pair. But we managed to get some great work done. And I think that was my win this week.


My win for the week.

--> at work, continued to successfully move a project from winforms to wpf. Also changing my C# .net framework code to .netcore 3.1.
--> at home, taught myself SQL server. My last dealings with a database was in high school when I learned dBase 3. Relational databases are a whole new animal and new way of thinking.


For starters, my week has not finished yet. I call a week finished at 11:59pm of the sunday (lol sounds like a real hustler). But going serious now, I still have two more day for doing my things.

Buuuuut I don't want to kill the mood of the topic, so:

My win this week, was doing more Vue tutorials, even right now I'm finishing a weather app. Then going to publish it on firebase.

So guys keep at the good work, slow and steady wins the race!


Started a new job at CodeSandbox! πŸ˜„ πŸŽ‰


Shipped Git Stalker NPM Package github.com/yg/git-stalk


I added a "Starting stream" screen/scene to my streaming setup.


I did a mock/HR interview with my career coach and got positive feedback on my communication skills 😭


That's awesome. Those mock interviews can be soooo helpful.


Released a new kedro plugin on pypi.

GitHub logo WaylonWalker / steel-toes

a kedro hook to protect against breaking changes to data

πŸ₯Ύ Steel Toes

a kedro hook to protect against breaking changes to data

Python Test and Package PyPI version Code Style: Typed-Black

steel-toes is a kedro hook designed to prevent stepping on your teammates toes. It will branch your data automatically based on your git branch, or manually by passing the branch name into the hook.


kedro is a ✨ fantastic project that allows for super-fast prototyping of data pipelines, while yielding production-ready pipelines. kedro promotes collaborative projects by giving each team member access to the exact same data. Team members will often make their own branch of the project and begin work. Sometimes these changes will break existing functionality. Sometimes we make mistakes as we develop, and fix them before merging in. Either case can be detrimental to a teammate working downstream of your changes if not careful.

πŸ₯Ό Wear the proper PPE during feature development

steel-toes hooks into your catalog to prevent changing downstream data on…


Cool to see this!

This week, I saw my team at work #crushit! One of our junior devs has really been upping his game in terms of code quality, and it has been awesome to see.


Finally started creating content for my new project "Fullstack Frontend" where I talk about technology that empowers frontend devs to go fullstack!



Finally I have published my long dream personal blog with my name - elangovan.in


Made my #gftwhackathon submission!


Made the taco_tuesday gem πŸ˜πŸ˜‚


I have started creating an interpreter for a language that im creating called bottle. github.com/rohanThegreaTT/The-Bott...


Started working with flutter in my new company. Has loads of stuff to learn, maybe I will die with fomo for this week


This week I was successful in refactoring the company's legacy npm module. So many things happened between the last two months regarding this huge refactored but finally, I did it.


I continued playing around with Deno - Angular stack and published my steps on DEV:


I recovered a little some of my super powers(Code skills)


I deployed my first Laravel app on a shared host server and come to think about it I just did my first ever dev.to comment!!! 😁 πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ


Didn't catch coronavirus or develop COVID and didn't die. That's about the extent of my achievements this last week. 😁

Otherwise it's been a toxic week of meetings. πŸ˜”

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