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What Should Every Manager Do Daily?

Amidst the ever-changing landscape of a manager's schedule, with its influx of meetings and ad hoc tasks, is there a single indispensable aspect that should remain consistent to ensure effective leadership and support for their team? If so, what do you think is the most critical element?

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Olivier • Edited

Be there for your team. Know what they working on , what they struggling with, how they feel.
Have a word for every member of your team , daily
If you don't do this, you become a distant manager for whom nobody wants to give their best.

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Jaime L贸pez

Let me add being transparent with the current situation. In my case, as a consultant, I try to update them every day with the ongoing activities. Also, I tell them the next steps and milestones to keep the focus.

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Ranjan Dailata • Edited

As a great manager, she/he should constantly motivate the team. One should have a servant leadership in mind and act accordingly. Gone all the days of bossism and misuse of the authority. The manager must do what they are designated with their roles and responsibilities.

Just kidding - A great manager should visit in order to understand the technology and what the development team communicates or shares info.

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Stephen Akugbe

I was newly made a team lead for the backend engineering team at my job and here are things I've learned to do daily:

  • Talk to the guys on your team and understand the challenges they are facing regarding their productivity. If possible, bring up their plight with the necessary department to keep them productive.
  • Understand the team's current challenges regarding following coding standards and practices and see how you can help anyone falling behind.
  • Never forget to motivate the team daily.