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What Makes Confident People Confident, Including Healthy Boundaries?

What makes confident people confident, including healthy boundaries? Discuss your thoughts.

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Jean-Michel (

How to become to confident ?

I was myself the contrary of a confident person so I may have a few tips

  • Know thyself
  • Find your WHY ?
  • Meet the right people and have meaningful connections
  • Get enough money to live comfortably without money being your vanity metrics
  • Live in a place that is right for you
  • Have free time to do what matters to you outside work
  • Get rid as much as you can of the obstacles that are in your way

Essentially, that means suceeds at life.
Easier said than done.
So where do you start ?

Probably the most undervalued tool for that is to start a therapy.

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Ingo Steinke • Edited

Dunning-Kruger effect for many of them. Many people are confident because they are not intelligent enough to have any doubt about anything, lest their own point of view.
But that's not a desirable goal for an intelligent human being. The question should be: how to remain or become confident despite being intelligent?

Developers have established tools and quality gates. Using those can make us confident for a reason.

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Paramanantham Harrison

I don't know the exact context about the question, but usually what makes a developer confident in a team,

  • Recognition of their knowledge
  • Trusting their decisions and the process more than the outcome
  • Constructive feedback to improve their contribution
  • Ofcourse, a financially solid company where they are working to incentivise their efforts 😉