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What Are You Wasting Time On?

How do you balance between adding new habits or solutions versus subtracting unnecessary elements to improve your life?

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Social Media and the Infinite Scrolling Addiction 💀

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Ender Ahmet Yurt

same 😬

keep_calm_and_code_on profile image
Alex Lau

Wordsmithing! Whether it's a blog post or copy for a website, I always have the temptation to go back and re-write something, even if it's already clear enough. Funnily enough with coding I have an easier time letting go and moving on 😅

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Ender Ahmet Yurt

I don't like to use social media blocker apps because using them will be another bad habit I think. Instead of using these kind of apps I'd prefer to use another apps like ios kindle, duolingo or other apps that help me to improve myself. When I get my phone to my hands, I ping myself and say don't use social media, you don't need for it now. you can open kindle app or duolingo or you can put the phone away. for now it works I can say.

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Yireobong William

Social media and gaming mostly. I use a habit tracker alongside my Todo list. And I make sure to clear up my daily to-do list and also tick most of the habits on the habit tracker before I even think of going through social media or playing any game.

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Stefan Moore

I'm wasting my time figuring out how to stop wasting time. Too much too do and not enough time to do it all.

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Debajyati Dey

Infinite scrolling (always), University written exams are going on(now).

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Calin Baenen

I'm "wasting" my time workng on Spark.

... I know it's, most likely, not gonna take off like I hope.

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