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What are you learning about this weekend? 馃


What are y'all learning about this weekend?

Whether you're sharpening your JS skills, making PRs to your OSS repo of choice 馃槈, sprucing up your portfolio, or writing a new post here on DEV, we'd like to hear about it.

Learn, relax, repeat. 馃摎馃馃攣

A cartoon penguin wearing a hard hat, sunglasses, and a tool belt pulls out a hammer and spins it around in their before putting it back into their toolbelt like a badass. The words "work hard, play hard" are written at the top of the image.

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James 'Dante' Midzi

The art of ignoring anything that takes me away from resting

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Jaime L贸pez

I often find it very difficult to accomplish 馃槈

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James 'Dante' Midzi

It begins, for me, by shutting down my pc until Monday and disabling email notifications

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Mike Stemle

My son wants to do some internships which require learning about data crunching, so I've been trying to teach him Python. Python isn't my favorite language, but if someone wants to do a lot of crunching of data for scientific purposes, pyspark is kinda the best tool for the job, so he needs to learn Python.

Outside of that, I'm still working on this octocrab project, and I'm about to write a status update post.

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About to play with aurelio-labs/semantic-router, on locall open source LLMs, on top of ollama, see


鉂 About

I'd like to run semantic router fully locally with custom local functions.

Actually, this is possible (Local Dynamic Routes).

But currently, there is no dedicated Notebook that show how to do this (for example on mistral, openhermes or dolphin), except maybe using LangChain throught Intro LangChain Agents with Semantic Router.

馃幆 Questions

  • Would you recommand use LangChain to pass the llm built on top on ollama
  • Would you share a dedicated Notebook that would put best practices available to community ?

馃敄 Resources

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Alex Mart铆nez

I'm learning:

  1. The basics of Perl for my #12in24 Challenge
  2. Red Team infrastructure and exploit development
  3. Refreshing my Malbolge skills
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Jaime L贸pez

I'm starting, again, with Next.js

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Kyle O'Brien • Edited

I'm working on every 80/90s child's calculator from elementary school a TI-108 remake in JS for a portfolio project. I have it the basics Input, Add, Subtract, Multiple and Divide functioning at the moment. Moving on to what the other six red buttons do and figuring out how I want it too look. I'm thinking about it sitting on a desk complete with the 90s S, super S or whatever your school called it etched into the desk somewhere.

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I'm working on my Neovim config. I enjoy doing it, but every now and then it feels like putting a comment in your code that says "don't touch. it works".

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Graeme Robinson

Went for a run this morning and now I鈥檓 hanging out on the sofa watching Moana with my daughter. Can鈥檛 think of anything higher priority than that for a weekend.

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Lev Nahar • Edited

Started a hardware hacking course, microcontrollers and IoT firmware hijacking, privilege escalation, all that good stuff. The whole thing cost me way too much tho 馃槄

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I'm learning MongoDB. ;)

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My programing journey started with python, now I'm giving JavaScript a chance 馃槉

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This weekend, I am learning Python ! I have some knowledge from school but I want to be more confident with this language.
I found some great French content on fun-mooc :D

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I stumbled upon some banking legacy 'dinosaurs' so I need to update my Cobol knowledge.