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Welcome Thread - v127

wizard dog saying welcome

Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!

Discussion (248)

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Ben Halpern

Hey new dev folks!! Great to have you. ❤️

anonmike profile image

Thanks bro

mila125 profile image

thanks uwu

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Vishal Pandey

Thanks bro.

logix420 profile image
Michael A. Dixon

Thanks for the welcome

victorcabrejos profile image
Victor Cabrejos

tnx. Happy to join

dev_pratik profile image

Thanks !

badare_okiemute_kelvin profile image

Thanks 🥰 am thrilled to be part of this community

tudevfavorito profile image
Paul Davis

Thanks! Excited to join the community

dale69 profile image

very excited to be here...

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Coderslang: Become a Software Engineer

Welcome to DEV :)

stielerch profile image

Thanks !

dezdro profile image

Thanks! Excited to see what I can learn from everyone here.

koichi19 profile image

Hello! Nice to meet you Ben!
I'm learning React & TypeScript..

areeburrub profile image
Areeb ur Rub

I have started writing posts consistently for 2 weeks now, waiting for my first badge.


technoloyal profile image

Kudos to you, @areeburrub for keeping up the great and consistent work!

rubenasanchez profile image
Ruben A Sanchez

Hi everyone,
Been reading dev for a few weeks and decided to join in. Looks like a fun and welcoming community here.

Looking forward to reading and writing alongside you.

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

Welcome to DEV!

Spiderman swinging by to say hello

ngonimuro profile image
Ngoni Murombedzi


blitty profile image

This applies for me 😂😂

I've been reading some articles from Dev, and I diceded to join, and If I can, to write some post.

Also, hello :D

eioluseyi profile image
Emmanuel Imolorhe

Apparently, there is a lot of us! 😅

thomasbnt profile image
Thomas Bnt

Hello and welcome to Community ! 👋🏼😉

awelawi profile image

Hey all. My name is Ella, and I'm an incoming freshman in college. This dev community randomly popped up on my Google feed and since I'm learning web development, I decided to be a member. It's nice meeting everyone!

kristenoom profile image
Kristen Oom

Kudos, are you learning on your own or through an organization?

awelawi profile image

Hi! I'm learning on my own. I took a free course and then build off my knowledge via mostly W3schools.

rajeshkumaryadavdotcom profile image

Welcome to the super awesome dev community.

awelawi profile image

Thank you!

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Thomas Bnt

Helloooo to ALLLL members heeeeeeeeeere !

andruuuh_haze profile image
andruuuh_haze • Edited on

Hey folks,
I'm new here and just wanna say Hello, Devs.
Hopefully I'll get in touch with a lot of y'all to share and learn constantly.
I have a lot of questions, so if there are any Devs wanna help a newbie, just go ahead and gimme a sign.
I'm a native German, but I'll also can communicate in English.

mcvicar profile image

Hey, I'm Pete.

Decided to use to document a micro-SaaS I've been building, called The Slate. The idea behind it, is to aggregate critical product metrics (SLIs, SLOs, etc.) and Architectural decisions for your microservices ecosystem.

ngonimuro profile image
Ngoni Murombedzi

hi Pete

tanyacoder profile image
Tanya Babbar

Hello everybody! Tech twitter guided me here. Hopefully it will be productive venture for me

frankiesayscode profile image
Frankiesayscode • Edited on

Hi, many starts and stops with learnimg code.

Aiming to post daily with short updates.

HTML,CSS,Javascript, Scratch (great onboarding language) and python.

Hoping to hit 100 days this time.

Then the hundred hours.

namtp185 profile image

Keep up the good work ,bro

adityaj profile image

Hey! everybody, I've just joined here.

I've been working on this babel-js article from last 2 weeks. I'll love to see your guys review.

Your only guide to babel in 2021

sada2015 profile image
Sadanand Pamadi • Edited on

Hello Dear All,
Namsthe This is Prof Sadanand Pamadi , Computer Science & Engineering , Jain College of Engineering and Technology Hubballi,
Just Started with Dev , Hoping to Share my Knowledge and Earn Knowledge from this awesome community.

Having 10 years of Experience in development and teaching
Jai Hind

polarpenguin457 profile image

Hello there!
I like to call myself "Second Coming Fan" for I really like stickfigure animations and such! I am learning CSS and HTML right now, and I have little experience with JavaScript. I use p5.js because most of my "friends" there recommended it to me.
I am a cartoonist, ie. I make comics. 🤓 Comics are great, and when my friends said that they can have a website to display our art, I started coding.

I started just to find some help with my comics. Hope you like them! 🥰

greenroommate profile image
Haris Secic

Welcome and hope you show us some of the work here on

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)


two_kids_in_a_trenchcoat profile image
Peter Wone

It seems to me that this could be what I've been looking for — what Stack Overflow steadfastly refuses to be — a vehicle for mutual assistance and learning.

Of course that does make it rather vulnerable to plz send teh codez but the best way to deal with people like that is to ignore them.

Besides, to my right as I compose this hello message I see that Forem is itself a community project. If necessary, one could contribute a way to measure personal reputation and filter out the spammers that way (widespread negative reactions would rapidly mark them out).

Here's to the road ahead. I hope you don't mind grumpy old men.

newky2k profile image
Dave H

Hi All,

New to DEV, but hoping to contribute and share my knowledge and experience. Been coding since i was 11 and now earning a living from it.

I mainly do c# and dotnet (web, mobile and desktop), but have experience in other langauges and platforms too.

Always looking to learn new things, new techniques and improve my skills but also share and mentor new devs and help them to grow too.

ohenebadade profile image
Oheneba Dade

Hi guys!
I have always wanted to join a community of developers and so once I heard of DEV I rushed here. I am currently a freshman in university studying computer science, but have been learning web development on the side. I hope to learn and contribute in whatever way possible

natan88 profile image

Olá Pessoal, me chamo Natanael, sou desenvolvedor full-stack, mas ultimamente estou me dedicando mais ao backend nodejs. Sou de Valparaíso de Goiás, região de Brasília.
Para quem quiser trocar uma ideia, em português, só chamar!

akiraplusplus profile image

Hi Everyone,

This is a Full Stack Blockchain Engineer for over 8 years, and proactively working on DEFI, DEX, NFT projects so far. Build Smart Contracts using Solidity and deploy them to Ethereum and other networks using HardHat and Truffle, and interact Smart Contracts and more using Web3.js/Ethers.js with the industry standards.

cristinalohe profile image
Criis 🐨

Hola soy nueva aqui, he estudiado grado medio de Sistemas Microinformáticos y Redes y actualmente estudio el grado superior de Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Web, me parece muy interesante esta plataforma, ya que creo que puedo aprender mucho.
En mi tiempo libre intento aumentar mis conocimientos realizando cursos de nuevos lenguajes de programación.
Estoy incluida en un grupo de desarrollador@s, informatic@s, pentesters y más, por si a alguien le interesa estar incluido que contacte conmigo y nosotros encantados de teneros dentro.

ubongabasiebeb1 profile image
Victor’s Library

Hi everyone, I’m Ubongabasi Edet Ebebe by name! I’m a newbie and currently I’m working on a #100daysofcode with HTML, CSS, and JAVASCRIPT ...

I would love to have all the support to become successful in this journey of mine from everyone here!

I love this family!
I love this Community!

prasan26 profile image
Prasan Singh

Hi, My name is Prasan Singh, and I am currently in my Gap year (2021).
I am interested in cybersecurity, and coding kept me excited since I was in 6th grade. I consider myself good at Linux, but I do functional C++ and python.
I am interested in CS, engineering, physics, and literature.

I am actively looking for programs and internships for the summer of 2021.

When I am away from my computer ( a rare sight), I read, play Table Tennis and Badminton, go for long for short tours with my friends ( mostly on bikes).

de_malong profile image
De Malong

Hi everyone.
I stumbled on to this community two(2) days ago on Twitter, did some research and decided to join. So far it’s has been welcoming and with the amazing interface, I feel at home already.

Looking forward to contribute, learn and expand my knowledge.

technoloyal profile image

Hi everyone, I've been wanting to start a blog about working in tech in a long time and just released my first post today! I'm interested in learning more about sharing ideas through writing and I hope a blog is a good opportunity for me to gain more experience.

Looking forward to read from all of you and your learnings on here as well!

likithavailable profile image

Hey Dev's,
I am a begginer with html and css skills , which I learnt from youtube tutorials but I feel something incomplete with them and not able to move forward in learning but I am really interested in learning web development which is cool and will make me able to connect to the globe . Can anyone please help me? With some suggestions?

augmow profile image
Computer Help Services

I'm the odd man. I don't know how to code or about software development. I'm a PC Technician who is intrigued by Arduino. Never coded before in my life and at 50 years old I might be someone's Great Grandfather. Did some hard times during my time in Gangs. Knowing PC repair kept me out of some nasty prison Lock-Downs and or riots. I guess I got out with no job skills, just what I had learned in the computer books I read, and the technical manuals Microsoft would send me through prison correspondence. I basically taught myself with the help of the books and the seven (7) year sentence I had. I am out, and still fascinated by computers.

hieptl profile image
Hiep Le

Hi everyone,

I'm Hiep. I work as a full-time software engineer. Most of my open-source projects are focused on one thing - to help people learn 📚.

I am building different repositories and posts to share about different topics such as Javascript, React and so on.

I really like learning by doing instead of talking too much about theories. For this reason, I am writing about how to Learn React By Bulding Netflix or Master Design Patterns by Building Real Projects - Javascript, ... I will try to create many posts daily and share to the community ❤️

Thanks and Best Regards,

tanmaybanerjee23rd profile image
Tanmay Banerjee

It's my pleasure to join this community ... I am Looking forward to it ...

I came here to seek help for the problem I got stuck with react components update life cycle method. Please find the problem in my first post.

Thanks and Regards,
Tanmay. :)

arkwife profile image

Hi! I recently became funemployed and decided that it was time to return to my first love. I'm definitely still a newbie, learning HTML, CSS and Javascript and looking to learn Angular as soon as I can. I'm also an avid reader and absorber of useless (and useful) info (I can spend days on the web following a new rabbit hole). I got here via Tech Twitter, and am hoping to combine my love of writing with my love of coding.

jazz287 profile image

Hey guys, Its not been a very long time having me installed this app. I was just surfing twitter where i got introduced to this site randomly. Hope we can connect to each other and share our knoweledge.

thedgbrt profile image
Dagobert Renouf

Hey Guys, been reading for a while but still hadn't used my account much.

I started software dev at 16, I'm now 32. Full stack with a specialty for front-end and React lately.

Recently I quit my latest tech job to create with my wife (she does the logos, I do the code).

Great to be here :)