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Welcome Thread - v109


Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. πŸ‘‹

Great to have you in the community!

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bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev

Hello everyone and welcome to the DEV community to anyone who's new here!

My name is Bobby and I've been working as a Linux DevOps Engineer for a few years now! I am a big fan of Laravel and I help with all things around a website called DevDojo!

I recently wrote an open-source eBook on how to get started with Bash Scripting and I am currently recording a mini video series on the same topic:

My goal for this year is to reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube so I could enable monetization!

vikash4365 profile image

I read your book, it's really nice

bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev

Thank you! I am really happy to hear that!

e11y0t profile image
Elliot Wong

nice content here man!

bobbyiliev profile image
Bobby Iliev

Thank you Elliot πŸ™! Appreciate that!

arwazkhan189 profile image
Arwaz Khan

Hello Dev's, I am Arwaz Khan Computer Science & Engineering Student from India.
I am here because of Open Source Community and Dev Community.
Currently learning Data Structures and Algorithms.
Fun Fact: 😐😐😐

fernandohernandezpaz profile image

Hi Arwaz Khan :)

ehuntober profile image
Kelechi James

Nice to have you here

hb profile image
Henry Boisdequin

Cool! Super nice to have you in the community.

manuthecoder profile image

Nice to have you here!

sanspanic profile image
Sandra Spanik


I'm a "late-bloomer" who recently discovered a passion for creating via code. I am here to write about my bootcamp journey, and cool new things I learn along the way. I am told that having an online presence is a must for those with a non-CS background. Formerly a mental health & arts professional, you might catch me blog about how coding makes me feel occasionally...

lisella profile image

Hey, I’d love to connect and maybe even share some insights. I read your other article, and I can so relate to that.
I signed up here to meet like-minded people, and I would love to at least know one other female programmer and to share experiences :)

sanspanic profile image
Sandra Spanik

Hi Lisella, thank you for reading my article and I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who feels this way :) I've sent you a message!

picaq profile image
Mandy Chen

Hi all, I’m a Software Engineering Apprentice on a path to learning Fullstack JavaScript at Techtonica.
Before this, I was an Illustration and graphic design student/intern, which was what introduced me to web development!

I’m hoping to learn about cool new technologies and implementations from this community. Tech changes so fast that there’s always something new to learn! I love to combine art and design with the power of technology, and hope to create tools to help designers design more effectively. Perhaps I’ll document my journey to learning development or share musings or things that I’ve made on here.

mikechrupcala profile image
Michael Chrupcala

Hi everybody! Your posts brought me here - I'm a recent bootcamp grad and I've been reading lots of articles ever since I started my webdev journey.

My name's Michael and I got deeply interested in software back in 2017 thanks to cryptocurrency. Some friends and I started a YouTube channel that I hosted, where I got to ask researchers about their network designs and encryption. It was a lot of fun!

Since then I've written some articles about software and job-searching. I'm thinking about publishing here instead of and I was wondering if you had any thoughts on which platform's better for growing an audience?

devlorenzo profile image
DevLorenzo • Edited on

I think that is a really good platform for building an audience. If you check my account for example, around 500 followers and 20k views in a month.
Welcome to!

Edit - If you want I'm interested in writing an article together / exchanging links

mikechrupcala profile image
Michael Chrupcala

Thank you! Wow that's really great progress for just 1 month, thanks for the advice. Maybe, I'll DM you now

thedracle profile image
Jason Thomas

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jason, and I'm the CTO and CoFounder of CoScreen, a next-generation multi-pair remote collaboration tool:

I have been programming and interested in programming since I was a kid, and have worked in software development for over 20 years, originally starting writing embedded firmware for data acquisition for the HiRes high-energy cosmic-ray research project at the University of Utah (

Since then I have mostly worked in various startups, including being the first full-time engineer at HireVue, as well as making a mobile sign language communication product for Sorenson Communications (

My goal is just to stay connected to the wider developer community and keep my finger on the pulse of how things are changing in the software development world.

thientran profile image
Thien Tran

Hi everyone.

I’m currently self teaching myself through udemy courses, youtube, freecodecamp, and other online tools.

I hope to get a front end developer job one day. I’ve been lurking online but never went for it. With all the new online resources, i’ve been learning a lot. I’ve learned the beginner basics of react and javascript the last few months.

Looking forward to all the discussions and topics on here.

rendell50 profile image

Hi there Rendell here from the Philippines I recently graduated from a bootcamp and do not know where to go next. I hope I can find someone who can be my coding buddy Its really hard to be alone. Hope you are all doing well have a nice day!

lizsafina profile image

Hi, Everyone!:)
Currently going through TheOdinProject's JavaScript full stack path.. To be more precise - struggling through it))). Study burnout is my frequent "guest".
I recently found out about this community from someone's article on medium (There is too much too learn, I haven't done any moves towards meeting people from the community. Maybe, that's was a mistake).
Apparently, I'm not being great at networking).
Staying on the "behind the curtain" side - reading a lot, but not really getting involved into any discussions.

Hope to become one of the dev "wizards" one day.:)))))

robinbrinkmann profile image
Robin Brinkmann • Edited on

Hi DEVs, great to join the community and I am looking forward to learn, connect and exchange on Open Source Development and Data Integration.

I am currently trying my best to balance staying involved with the code of our open source framework (not a developer by training), while being there for the community and doing all that "marketing and admin stuff" as well. Anyone else here wandering the worlds between tech and business? Let's chat!

We also really appreciate any feedback on our integration framework:

akshatmaholay25 profile image
Akshat Maholay

You can follow me here:
I am here because this is an awesome open source community.
Also I am learning js myself so it will be fun
You can check some of my awesome programs from the link above

joelbuenrostro profile image
Joel Buenrostro

Hello, first day on the DEV community, I 'm from MΓ©xico, student of Web systems development and Python programmer, currently learning Machine Learning as a service and cloud development, always open to chat about technology.
Nice to meet you!!!

ongechi profile image

Hae everyone am Patrick a student at zetech university in kenya, am an intermediate in full stack web development i joined this community to interact with you guys, connect and also share some of my insights with you

amankanojiya profile image

Hello Everyone I am Aman Kanojiya, I come to know about this platform after completing my HacktOberFest . At present, I am in IIT (ISM) Dhanbad with environmental engineering and what be a part of this open-source community. I am familiarized with python and web dev and want to learn more about them if anyone wants to teach me anything feel free to join me

hanifullahjamalzai profile image

Hello Dev's,
I am Hanifullah and I am a student of computer informatics from Afghanistan. Searching for errors brought me here and I am happy to learn from you Dev's and share my own experience.

Thanks and Regards

kapi1 profile image
Kapil Pandey

Welcome to the dev community!

rajpansuriya profile image
Raj Pansuriya

Hello World!!
I am Raj, second year student of Computer Engineering from India

For a long time, I relied solely on my formal education. I put too much faith in it. Last year, when I joined college and all that faith fell off a cliff, I realised the importance of self learning and doing one’s own research. I think there are a lot of people who find themselves in my shoes.

I am writing to have a healthy sharing of knowledge between like minded people

joelbuenrostro profile image
Joel Buenrostro

I totally understand your point, formal education provides a solid knowledge base but the speed at which technology evolves these days is incredible.

brandymedia profile image
Andy Griffiths

Hi guys, I'm Andy - a full-stack web developer and graphic designer from Cheshire, UK.

I've been a web dev for 10 years now and involved in graphic design closer to 20.

I've experience with PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Node.js, HTML5 & CSS3 and currently learning Vue.js.

Recently re-joined the Twitter community and have already made some great connections and enjoyed being part of the community.

Looking forward to becoming part of the community too and hopefully offering some insight, information and support to fellow designers and developers.


aqueel profile image
Aqueel Aboobacker

Hello guys. I'm Aqueel. Software developer, working on freelance projects. Currently, I'm doing mobile app development (Flutter) and Full-stack web development (Django, Python, Javascript, HTML, and CSS).

ianlms profile image
Ian Lucca Miranda Salgado

Oi! Hello!

I am Ian, a brazillian software engineering student at PUC Minas. Currently i'm trying to absorve as much tech knowledge as possible, looking to understand key concepts for the area, trying to build a career plan. At the moment i'm most interested in web development, so if you would like to chat about it feel free to send me a message!

aamirfa14537433 profile image
Aamir Faisal

Hey aamir faisal here,
Running a software development company and i'm here to learn the new things in the market and the platform help us to explore the things more deeply. Looking for opportunities there.

peterbrouwers profile image
Peter Brouwers

Hello Dev's, Great to be here. I have the feeling that I finally found you on the Internet. Huh, what do you mean? Well, over the last two years I was creating the Techlab podcast to share insights in Tech. But I got the feeling that the promotion on Linkedin and Twitter didn't reach the target audience, being the DEV community.

1robroos profile image
Rob Roos

Hello, I am new here, I hope I will feel 'at home' quickly! I have learned a lot the past few years on AWS , k8s, and a lot of stuff around it, but my learning 'list' is never empty. I like python and I like to us it for example for aws lambda.

darshandeshpande profile image

Hello everyone! I am a self taught ML Engineer and a mentor at Tensorflow UserGroup Mumbai. I am here to read, contribute to and share my open source projects. Looking forward to seeing some amazing articles!

mmj22 profile image
Michael Maurial

Hi Darshan - Neat background, I am fascinated by ML and hope for similar experiences like yours in self-teaching as an ML Engineer.

mmj22 profile image
Michael Maurial

My name is Mike. I am a graduate student wrapping up his final semester, been enjoying all the open-source communities and research. I recently joined CodeAcademyPro to learn how to code, and my wish is to be a steward of the community/continue contributing to this resource. I am a healthcare professional with hospital experience.

My fun fact is that up until last month, I was strictly a business-oriented professional studying for his CFA to make health investments; I made a quick 360-degree turn, and my curiosity brought me here!

nbilyk profile image
Nicholas Bilyk • Edited on


Experienced dev here, starting to make things for the public again. I'm hoping to start blogging again and contemplating using, a self hosted blog, or something else. How do you all like it on here? Pro tips?

mandaputtra profile image
Manda Putra

If you don't have time searching for audience are the best place. You can just share a link to your blog post if you want. also had a lot of very nice feature, so yeah use this platform.

trynacodelate profile image

Hi! My name is Brandon. I am a life long computer lover that somehow never learned to code. I am currently a Network System Administrator but I feel like my love for it has gone stale. I am here to learn new skills that I can add to the toolbox with a potential for a career pivot. I have tried coding before, but somewhere along the way I always convince myself that it isn't for me(to be honest I haven't given it a fair shot) and quit. I am determined to practice daily even if I don't make big progress. 1% better is better than 0% better! I'm looking to link up with people who I can learn from as well assist anyone within my ability along the way!

igi30 profile image

Hey there, I'm a Software Engineer currently working at Samsung R&D Bangalore.

I heard a lot about this community. And I was looking for some project ideas or maybe projects so exploring got me here.

Having fun already, can't wait to explore more about this community.

Have a good day :D

chamisg profile image
Chami S • Edited on

Hello, everyone.
I am Mobile and Web developer.
I have 3 years of experience with mobile. Not only that, I am a good fan of Android and Laravel.
Furthermore, I’m hoping to learn about cool new technologies and implementations from this community.
My plan for this year is to build more useful Mobile apps.

dunkeshon profile image
Andrei Ioffe

HI everyone!
I'm SE student from Ukraine, trying to figure out my future road map.
For now, i've been studying Unity, for a while. I'm passionate with games and want to make some in the future.
Fact: hate WEB

manuthecoder profile image

Hello, my name is ManuTheCoder, and I'm in middle school.
I like programming in both frontend and backend languages.
I come here for an inspiration to code, and especially CSS-Tricks.

One of my favorite projects:
My website:
Stack overflow: