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Top 7 Featured DEV Posts from the Past Week

Every Tuesday we round up the previous week's top posts based on traffic, engagement, and a hint of editorial curation. The typical week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday, but don't worry, we take into account posts that are published later in the week.

Building a DEV Clone from Scratch

Having learned both frontend and backend technologies, @eknoor4197 felt ready for a bigger project. Instead of making their own blog, they made a clone of DEV and its API!

From Figma to NextJS using AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is a great set of tools to build your full-stack applications on AWS. @codebeast converts Figma components to React components with Amplify studio, making them ready to use for his next project.

How to Stay Up-To-Date in Tech

@techworld_with_nana shows us how to stay up-to-date with new technology without getting overwhelmed by juggling

Growing Beyond Mid-Level: A Guide for React Devs

If you're a mid-level React developer looking to become an advanced React developer, this post is for you! @srmagura has reviewed junior and mid-level code and compiled some of the most common mistakes that don’t take long to fix.

Scalable Architecture for your NextJS Project

This tutorial shouldn’t replace the official documentation, but @alexeagleson made an awesome video guide for starting with your NextJS project.

Knowledge transfer

@beetlehope accomplished something truly valuable with this post — they shared some tried and true tips for advancing in your career!

How to Write Unit Tests

As a beginner programmer, you often hear advice to test your code. It’s good advice too! @marcinwosinek shows us how we can start doing it!

That's it for our weekly Top 7 for this Tuesday! Keep an eye on this week for daily content and discussions...and be sure to keep an eye on this series in the future. You might just be in it!

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)
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Sam Magura

Woooooooo!! Thank you.

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Eknoorpreet Singh

This is really special for me because it was both my first project and post! Thanks a lot for featuring them, Gracie! :)

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Nadia Zhuk

Thank you so much for featuring my post! I

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Alex Eagleson

Thanks! I love seeing more and more of the community getting on baord with Next.

nickytonline profile image
Nick Taylor

Great work everyone!

Kylo Ren on Undercover Boss giving a thumbs up

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Nadia Zhuk