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Top 7 Featured DEV Posts from the Past Week

Gracie Gregory (she/her)
Content Manager @ DEV. "You know what this sentence needs? An Em dash!" - Me to Me
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Every Tuesday we round up the previous week's top posts based on traffic, engagement, and a hint of editorial curation. The typical week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday, but don't worry, we take into account posts that are published later in the week.

Thoughtful questions and study groups

When a new developer joined @jingjing142 's team, they felt compelled to write down the things that helped them get started with their developer career — and lucky for us that they did!

Quick TypeScript tip

"The next time you consider type casting a property with as MyType," writes @smeijer , "consider writing a type assertion instead." Here's why...

We all started out as beginners

@annika_h shared this soothing and helpful post that will really come in handy if you could use some motivation and advice this week.

Writing with your other hand

@jessicacregg explains how switching careers is like becoming ambidextrous — it might feel impossible at first, but when you reframe the tools at your disposal, a world of options opens up!

In this guide, @dastasoft explores what Node/Express is and how it works, shows us how we can build a REST API to store and retrieve data, test endpoints, and upload our application. Super informative!

100 days of web security education

@lindsfonnes is participating in 100 days of hacking — and will be sharing content about common vulnerabilities and how we as developers can defend against them. In this intro post, Lindsey presents how they view the intersection of web security. and software development.

Baseline, scope, and documentation

@erikmelone dives into two time-efficient ways to write better documentation.

That's it for our weekly wrap up! Keep an eye on this week for daily content and discussions...and if you miss anything, we'll be sure to recap it next Tuesday!

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Gracie Gregory (she/her) Author
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Thank you very much for the mention Gracie 🥰

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Thank you so much for the mention!

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Lindsey Fonnesbeck

Wow, thank you so much!

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Alen Abraham

nice article

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Congratulations guys 🎉

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Roschek Borajov

Nice Article