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Share your GitHub Actions Hackathon 2021 Updates!

We’d love to know what you’re building and how things are going throughout the GitHub Actions Hackathon 2021 on DEV.

Please use this thread for sharing ideas, gathering feedback, and to get to know other participants in the hackathon!

If you have a big update or just worked through a tough problem, we encourage you to publish a standalone post. Just be sure to add the #actionshackathon21 tag so we can easily find it.

If you need help with a specific problem, check out the help thread where members of the DEV and GitHub teams are standing by to answer your questions.

Have a happy hackathon!

Discussion (38)

niradler profile image
Nir Adler

Hi, I`m working on Github action to validate github sdk calls/events, simple example is to validate PR title, validate reviewers, files etc.
feedback is welcome :)

niradler profile image
Nir Adler

published the post :
if anyone want to share a feedback or even grammar inspection :)

_stefanzweifel profile image
Stefan Zweifel

Just posted my submission for the hackathon: Workflow to keep CHANGELOG up-to-date with Release Notes

Let me know what you think about this. 🤓

techwatching profile image

I have just posted about a workflow I made: Automatically upgrade your package on winget with GitHub Actions. I hope it can be useful to others.

romaixn profile image

Hello everyone! I posted about a Github Action on Symfony 5 and PHPUnit and so much more. Feedback appreciated :)

michaeltharrington profile image
Michael Tharrington

Very cool! Thanks for sharing this. 🙌

andreagriffiths11 profile image
Andrea Liliana Griffiths

Shouting you all out! Keep up the great work!

lirantal profile image
Liran Tal

Hi everyone! 👋

Amazing to see so many ideas from the community.

Personally, I went for the Maintainers Must Haves category with workflows that use a recipe to help out maintainers triage and work with external contributions, see it here:

I learned quite a bunch of things about GitHub Actions myself, and definitely new workflows that I'm going to adopt for my own open source repositories.

Goodluck everyone and keep on posting your ideas 🚀

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Nice work!

lirantal profile image
Liran Tal

thank you Gracie :)

chefgs profile image
Saravanan G • Edited on

Hi everyone,

  • I've just published a blog describing my submission for #actionshackathon21.
  • Created a github action workflow for performing Go continuous integration, here is link to Github Repo

Please share feedback :)

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)


chefgs profile image
Saravanan G

Thank you @graciegregory

cian911 profile image
Cian Gallagher

Hi all! I'm working on a GitHub action to bulk merge/approve GitHub pull requests (depending on a valid set of status checks) I'd love any and all feedback 😉

shehab7osny profile image
Shehab Hosny • Edited on
bytrangle profile image
Trang Le

What do you do with issues with dozens of comments? Close it or convert it to discussion?

I don't have an advice, but I've made an action to grab the most reacted comments in a long-winded issue, turn them into clickable elements, then insert them into the issue body.


Hope this will make your open source management a little bit easier.

robertobutti profile image
Roberto B.

Building your workflow via code.

        ->setName("My Test Name")
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suvraneel profile image
Suvraneel Bhuin • Edited on

Just posted my submission for #actionhackathon21

Its a collection of tweaked customized versions of existing workflows from the marketplace that I've been using in a BIG opensource repository with 6000+ contributors, 1k stars & 1.7k forks.
It makes moderation convenient, less chaotic & project management way more smooth...

"More power to the contributors, even more power to the maintainers"

Check it out here


Feel free to leave your feedback/reactions/suggestions to additional features there...
💖 Thanks 🤍

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

This is really awesome!

zwacky profile image
Simon Wicki

Hey all, I've been working on an action that automatically updates the Twitter header with my last published blog posts—and it finally works! 🥲🚀

Wrote about the action and workflow in this post 🙌

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

SO awesome!

nspired profile image
Byte Sized

Hey everyone! Our Github Action helps to surface more detailed errors to improve development time! 🤩

Check it out:

brob profile image
Bryan Robinson

This hackathon was a ton of fun. We put together a blog post on what/how we wrote our submission:

graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

So glad you enjoyed the experience!

paulasantamaria profile image
Paula Santamaría

Hi! Just here to share my project :)

Using GitHub Actions to turn contributors into heros of my open source game

I used GitHub's API to get the info from each PR after it's merged. Then the workflow generates a file with the contributors avatar, username, etc. This file is included in the game before the build. Then it's all build and deployed to GitHub Pages!

The workflow also keeps an archive with all previous contributions so you can see yours even after a new PR is merged.

I had so much fun with this :D

oz9un profile image

Hey everyone 👋 How about having your favorite song on the collaborative playlist of all developers?

All you need is a simple issue on the Developers' Playlist repository:

GitHub logo oz9un / Developers-Playlist

A drop of musical taste from every contributor... Welcome to the developer's collaborative playlist.

Developers' Playlist \(📀_💿)/

A drop of musical taste from every contributor... Welcome to the developers' collaborative playlist.

Playlist link: Developers' Collaborative Playlist


The same algorithm can be written differently by each developer. The developer's code style becomes their signature.

Coding is an art, so what do artists listen to while performing this art?

The Developer's Playlist analyzes opened issues on this repository using GitHub Actions and collects developers' favorite songs into a collaborative playlist.


  • Open an issue with title 'song request' ( 'Song request' and 'Song Request' also works right now.)
  • Write your favorite track to issue's body in format: "artist-song". ( If there is a dash "-" in the artist or song title, please use space instead for now. )
  • Wait for the Github Action Bot's response
  • Enjoy the developers' collaborative playlist!
  • You…

Check my submission for Github Actions Hackathon 21:

zachjonesnoel profile image
Jones Zachariah Noel
sturlabragason profile image

Hey I've made an action that at at least i find very useful 🙂 It's called terraform_state_artifact and stores your Terraform statefile as an encrypted GitHub workflow artifact 🚀

arndom profile image
Nabil Alamin • Edited on

Hello I submitted my first ever github action; its creates an octocat styled with your most used language in your repos and can be displayed in your README. Have a look: preview

corpcubite profile image

We worked on automating Open edX deployments by Using GitHub Actions

boredom101 profile image

I am working on GitHub Actions Workflows to automate KiCad collaboration, using the KiBot action.

jsoref profile image
Josh Soref

I'm working on a write-up of how check-spelling can help projects large and small.

feedback is welcome

martinpham profile image
Martin Pham

I've shared our Workflow to work for Blockchain development

Hope it'd be useful!

cerchie profile image
Lucia Cerchie
anush_krishna_v profile image
anush krishna

My team built an action a few months ago can we submit that ? We tested it out at an event and maintainers loved it

ken_mwaura1 profile image
Zoo Codes

My submission on Django workflow is now live here: feedback welcome.

trsvchn profile image
Taras Savchyn
rob_bos profile image
Rob Bos

Just shared how we’ve set up an internal marketplace for using GitHub Actions: