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Representation Matters 🌈 Who Inspires You?

It's so important to celebrate the achievements of individuals in the tech industry, and diversity and inclusion play a huge role in that. The inspiring stories of queer figures in the tech world can empower and uplift others.

Alan Turing, Lynn Conway, and Tim Cook are just a few folks who come to mind when discussing inspiring LGTBQ2S+ folks who have made a positive impact on the tech world.

These individuals have seriously shattered barriers, defied stereotypes, and made some major contributions to the tech industry. Their stories are a powerful reminder of why inclusivity matters and how diverse perspectives drive innovation and progress.

There are many more names to share, and one of them might be yours! We'd love to hear about the LGBTQ2S+ individuals who've inspired you, whether they're your heroes, colleagues, friends, or even yourself.

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Erin Bensinger • Edited

There are so many LGBTQ2S+ people whose contributions to the tech industry have inspired me! Here are just a few...

  • Chelsea Manning, whose life's work reminds me of the importance of staying true to one's values, even in the face of persecution.
  • Edie Windsor, a career technologist with IBM who was also the lead plaintiff in a US court case that paved the way for queer partnerships to access the same rights as heterosexual partnerships in the eyes of US law. Being a lead plaintiff in a US Supreme Court case is thankless, vulnerable activism work — and this ruling, along with others that followed, have secured my own rights to things such as hospital visitation and end-of-life planning within my own partnership.
  • Although Chani Nicholas isn't a technologist herself, she is the creator and founder of a tech and media company whose employment policies are radically humane (what a concept!), and she's hilarious & insightful on social media.
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Om Swami

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William Torrez

Steve Wozniak inspire me!

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Rachel Fazio

Just read a book by Glennon Doyle and loved it!

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The coding train is my choice 🚆🌈

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