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Notable Issues of the Week Up for Grabs

This is a new weekly post where we highlight some issues from our GitHub repo. This week, we have three issues:

We recently made set up an initial configuration for Docker. This is a much more straightforward way of getting up and running with our app in development, but it's currently a slow environment. We're not experts at Docker, so any improvements are welcome!

Improve Docker's speed #923

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. Nope

Describe the solution you'd like Currently, it takes about ~3 minutes to load up a homepage from a docker instance on macOS, that's a lot of time 😱. Docker-sync could to be the tool to resolve this issue.

Describe alternatives you've considered Perhaps the culprit of our speed is our poor configuration.

Additional context n/a

We're looking for some help to allow organizations to update their slug. The Ruby/Rails logic should follow the same pattern as our User model. Details in the issue below:

Organization URL does update when changing the name field. #462

Bug Report

Current Behavior

On the /organization page, changing the name field to change the name of my organization, will save. But does not actually change the associated URL

Expected Behavior

Changing the name field in an organization, changes the actual URL of the organization.

Additional Info (device/browser, helpful links)

Chrome 69.0.3497.42 on linux

related to #417

Liquid tags are how we use custom embeds, like the GitHub issues you're seeing here! This issue is for creating a Medium Liquid tag. For examples, you'll want to follow any of the other Liquid tags we have:

Create liquid tag for articles #118

feature - liquid tag for articles

Have a liquid tag that woks something like {% medium %} To produce something similar to the link tag for articles

That's it for this week! Be sure to check out issues page for more.

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