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New Shirts Available in The DEV Shop!

liana profile image Liana Felt (she/her) ・1 min read

Hey all! We have three new tees in The DEV shop this week. Check them out below!

Software Tee

Streetwear meets software in this "supremely" cool tee. 😄

DEV Broken Image

Look out for tiny DEVs hidden in the design here. 👀

Eco Friendly Tee

For the environmentally conscious DEV. It's our classic DEV shirt made with recycled and organic fabrics. 🌱

Check out all of the merch in the DEV shop!

Have an idea for something you want to see in the shop? Let me know in the comments. My DMs are also open if you want to reach out directly about anything shop related.

Happy coding!

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Liana Felt (she/her)


things i like: art & design, yoga, and vegetarian cooking

The DEV Team

The team behind this very platform. 😄


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I'm still waiting for men's v-neck versions!


Eco Friendly is a very good idea !


The broken image shirt is melting my heart right now.


Very cool! I love everything y’all are bringing to the shop.


Awesome, thanks! Glad you're liking the shop!


Could you please add 4XL sizes to at least the basic shirts to suit your larger fans like... umm, me for instance?


The Broken Image and Software shirt come in 4XL. We now have 4XL in our basic DEV shirt too! shop.dev.to/collections/2018-new-m...


Oh, you just added that? I checked before. That's awesome, thanks!

It should have been live with the newer shirts, but the older ones hadn't been updated yet. Thanks for pointing it out!


Eco friendly Tee is very cool!. How can I buy it in Mexico?


Hi I've been trying to reach shop@dev.to for a while but no is responding to it. How can I reach them?


Shirt ideas are happening in comments from other posts 😍


matthewpersico image

I'd buy that shirt... Maybe @thepracticaldev would make one!

Oh oh here's an idea... Dev should make shirts from meme-able posts and have the post url on the shirt somewhere...


Are more colors planned for the broken image shirt?


Love them! I actually bought a bunch of items. My biggest gripe thou is although I do like the Dev sweatshirt I bought, being a tiny girl (5 ft, 118pounds), it’s still huge as a Small because it’s “Unisex”. Unisex is marketing speak for “this is tailored to a man but because you also have two arms technically you still fit”.

But in reality, it’s not a style I would have normally bought. I tend to look 12 in these oddly shaped unisex ones. They are OK height but the sleeves and width are around double what I’d normally be. It would be wonderful to one day see a female sweat shirt! And the crop ones don’t count. It’s trendy, but that’s still body-specific.


Thanks for your feedback. I also don't usually buy unisex style things because I'm pretty small and unisex small does not fit me. We know the crop sweat shirts are not for everyone, but unfortunately that's the only women's cut sweatshirt our supplier currently has. I'll reach out to them and request more women's cut sweatshirts that aren't crop!


Ah, gotcha! I've noticed that for a lot of suppliers.