New Feature: Mute Notifications

Andy Zhao on January 24, 2019

You can now mute notifications for your own articles and comments! Muting notifications means that you won't receive any web, email, and push (iO... [Read Full]
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I look forward to not using this. I love getting all the notifications on my articles! 🤪


Me too! There must be some very. very popular posts out there for this feature to be built :D


You’ll be able to mute users site-wide in the near future as well. Just in case you’re done hearing from somebody.


Great feature! It seems a little weird to have a completely separate page for this per comment, though. Is there a technical reason this couldn't work inside the dropdown? Or is this temporary?


Good question! This first release was quicker to code up. The settings page gives us room to add more settings in the future if we want.

Muting will probably move into the drop-down directly.


I'm not popular enough to need this feature, but I will keep it in mind when I reach stardom. 🤩

Nice work as always DEV team.

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