Markdown Headers Are Now Anchored!

Andy Zhao on November 29, 2018

You can now link to headers in your posts! This happens automatically when you create a header. It will create an anchor link based on the text o... [Read Full]
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Low-key heroism by Andy upon the idea of mentioning in this post that there is a small issue with some browsers.

Instead of make mention and deal with this later, he just makes the fix and ships the post.


Speaking of things along those lines that may have slipped through: I think the Ajax-loaded internal browsing may be breaking the link-to-other-post functionality. Will check more tomorrow.

Important thing is that the underlying markdown/html is sound and will be sturdy going forward. 😊


Aww yeah. Great work @devteam! Ooops! I see it was @glebec and @bennypowers and some dev team assitance via @andy . Great work! Always nice seeing the community contributing to the codebase.


GIFs aside, this is going to be super useful!

I stopped trying to make like a table of content on some of my longer posts because we didn't have this functionality, time to update 'em all :D


Thank you guys.

Time to create those ToCs for people easily skim through what the post is going to be about.

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