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Last Chance to Join the "Hack the Planet" Contest ⚠️

This is your final reminder that our "Hack the Planet" contest in partnership with New Relic closes on Sunday, February 28, 2021 @ 11:59 PM PT(8 AM UTC the following day)

That's right — Hack the Planet is almost over! 😱 ⏰

Consider this your friendly and final reminder to build those apps using New Relic and write up your official entry post using this template.

All of us at DEV are really excited to announce the winners for this special hackathon for a couple of reasons:

1) Earth needs our help! With climate change having a very real and immediate impact on the planet we share, it's crucial that talented people like you help build the solutions and innovations it takes to combat the problem.

2) The prize package for this hackathon is massive. Here's what you stand to win...

Grand Prize Winners (3 total):

  • $5,000 USD gift card or equivalent
  • $350 USD credit to the DEV Shop

Runner-Up Prizes (10 Total):

  • $500 USD gift card or equivalent
  • $150 USD credit to the DEV Shop

Grand Prize Winners, Runners-Up, and participants will also get:

  • Eco-friendly New Relic swag OR a donation to the Environmental Defense Fund
  • A tree planted in your name
  • A DEV sticker pack
  • Special DEV profile badges

Full details and participation rules here

  • FAQ for Hack the Planet here.

  • Browse the projects others have already submitted on The Relicans community here

Good luck, everyone!

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