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June: Forem Twitch Events Roundup πŸ‘Ύ

Christina Gorton
Developer Advocate, Technical Writer, and Instructor. Courses on LinkedIn, Egghead, Design+Code, and Skillshare.
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In June, Nick Taylor and I were joined by 3 awesome guests. This is a round up of all the wonderful guests who joined us and a special pair programming episode where I show Nick how to animate our Forem logo with CSS and JavaScript.

Walkthrough Wednesday with Gant Laborde

Nick Taylor and I were joined again by Gant Laborde to discuss AI, TensorFlow, and Gant's new book "Learning TensorFlow.js: Powerful Machine Learning in JavaScript".

Note: Please excuse my uncontrollable laughing at the beginning of the stream πŸ˜‚ Gant was a very funny guest.

Places to follow Gant:
Personal Twitter
Personal Website

Pair Programming with Christina Gorton and Nick Taylor

I showed Nick how to create an animation that appeared to be drawing the new Forem logo with both CSS and JavaScript(GreenSock).

Walkthrough Wednesday with Cassidy Williams

Cassidy Williams, Principal Developer Experience Engineer at Netlify, joined us to discuss Next.js, the game Go, mechanical keyboards, Polywork, and more!

Places to follow Cassidy:

Walkthrough Wednesday with Hiroko Nishimura

I was joined by Hiroko Nishimura, founder of AWS newbies, AWS hero, technical writer, and instructor. We talked about switching from full-time to freelance, complications of freelancing, why you might want to freelance, and how to get into tech writing and instructing.
Special guest appearance by Hiroko’s lovely cat Tamakichi.🐈

Places to follow Hiroko:
Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers Courses
AWS Newbies
Ebook for Freelancers

Thanks to all our viewers who joined the streams and chatted with us this month!

Be sure to follow the ThePracticalDev Twitch channel to be notified when future streams begin and check out all the great guests we have joining us every Wednesday this month.

Our July guests currently include:

  • Ben Hong, staff developer experience engineer at Netlify, will join to walk us through how we can all leverage Obsidian as a second brain.
  • James Q. Quick, Developer Advocate at Auth0, will join us to talk Developer Relations and Authentication in the Jamstack.
  • Jonan Scheffler, head of Developer Relations at the Relicans along with other folks in the industry, will join us to talk about Code School.

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