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July: Forem Twitch Events Roundup 👾

In July, Nick Taylor and I were joined by 8 awesome guests! This is a round up of all the wonderful guests who joined us.

Walkthrough Wednesday with Ben Hong

Ben, staff developer experience engineer at Netlfiy, joined us to talk about knowledge management systems and note taking with apps like Obsidian.

Places to follow Ben:

Walkthrough Wednesday with James Q. Quick

James Quick joined Nick Taylor to discuss DevRel, authentication in the Jamstack, content creation and more!

Places to follow James:

James' Website
YouTube channel
learnbuildteach Discord channel

DEV/Code School Mash up

We were joined by the Code School crew for a special DEV/Code School mash up on thePracticalDev Twitch stream with our guests Jonan Scheffler, Carmen Kolodziej, Randel Moore, and Danielle Thomspon. We answered questions on entering tech, navigating mentorships, being a junior on the team, connecting with folks in tech, and more.

How to find Randel:
Twitch: CodingMoore
Github: CodingMoore

How to Find Danielle:
Twitter/Twitch:/GitHub: @danitcodes

How to Find Carmen:

How to Find Jonan:

Walkthrough Wednesday with Fernando Valverde and Josh Puetz

Our coworkers Fernando Valverde and Josh Puetz joined us to discuss the Forem iOS app. We talked about why we have an app, the work that went into creating it, what features to expect in the future and more.

Places to follow Fernando:

Places to follow Josh:

Thanks to all our viewers who joined the streams and chatted with us this month!

Be sure to follow the ThePracticalDev Twitch channel to be notified when future streams begin and check out all the great guests we have joining us every Wednesday this month.

Our August guests are:

  • Lucia Cerchie, Software Engineer at StepZen. We will talk about GraphQL and the challenges of creating a GraphQL API from aggregated data.
  • Arsalan Khattak, Team Lead at MLH Fellowship. We will talk about creating a back end with
  • Laurie Barth, Senior Software engineer at Netflix. We will talk about tech interviews from the perspective of those hiring and those looking for a new role.

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