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Jess Lee for The DEV Team

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Join us for #SheCoded 2020!

International Women’s Day is Sunday, March 8!

To celebrate, DEV is highlighting stories from self-identifying women and non-binary people who code. “Nevertheless, She Coded” amplifies the importance of challenging stereotypes, fighting bias, and celebrating the achievements of self-identifying women and non-binary individuals. We will begin highlighting stories on March 6th and continue through March 9th.

We started our “Nevertheless, She Coded” celebration in 2017 and I’m happy to share that #SheCoded, #TheyCoded, and #SheCodedAlly has grown to become a collection of over 500 posts from people all around the world. The stories are relatable, inspirational, infuriating, comical, you name it. What do they all have in common? Each story and piece of advice is insightful, personal, and important.

“Each for Equal” is the official 2020 theme of International Women’s Day. Similar to last year, we are welcoming allies to participate so that we can all voice the pressing need to create a gender equal world. We are all parts of a whole; and collectively, we can make change happen.

We hope you’ll spend some time getting lost in our library of stories, but even more, we hope you’ll contribute to the collective and share your own journey. For those of you who participated in the past, we encourage you to submit another post.

We’ll be featuring your stories all over DEV and the internet at large - please join us in amplifying this important day!

How to participate:

  • Visit 💜
  • Choose a template ✅
  • Write your post ✍️
  • Share it with the world 🚀
  • Tell everyone you know to share their story ✊

Thank you all for being a wonderful part of the community.

Note: "Nevertheless, She Coded" was inspired by International Women's Day. We include and elevate non-binary people who are interested in participating and sharing their story. However, we understand that some members who identify as non-binary appreciate the inclusion while others may want to celebrate self-identifying women only.

PS - We have a new collection of SheCoded Merch available in the DEV Shop!

Top comments (8)

jess profile image
Jess Lee

Also, I have the best teammates! A big shout out to everyone in the video.

Thank you all for being an important part of this team and supporting everything we do here at DEV.


katnel20 profile image
Katie Nelson

Thanks Jess, and I just submitted my own #SheCoded post after reading so many great stories here.

peter profile image
Peter Kim Frank

Each story and piece of advice is insightful, personal, and important.

I'm always blown away by the strength and wisdom contained in these posts. I look forward to reading these stories, and to supporting everyone who chooses to share their experiences with the community.

waylonwalker profile image
Waylon Walker

So much inspirational content from this tag!

memitaru profile image
Ami Scott (they/them)

I'm excited to participate this year! There may not be many #TheyCoded posts but it's one of the first times I've been able to find multiple nonbinary devs to follow and that has me feeling really excited.

jmfayard profile image
Jean-Michel 🕵🏻‍♂️ Fayard

I used the opportunity to make a friend share her story. you won't find her on medium bragging about how awesome she is, since she has two daughters to raise and no time for this kind of non sense.

But she actually is awesome and I hope that you like her developer journey

jasterix profile image

Made the mistake of opening this at work.. yay autoplay

Other than that, I ❤ this post

katnel20 profile image
Katie Nelson

Doing what I can to introduce this important event on my social media sites.
I might even be inspired to write my own post. Time will tell.