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Is Living for Your Passion Possible?

Can you share your personal experiences of pursuing your passions and the impact it has had on your life?

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FWIW, pursuing your passion may lead to both good and bad outcomes. Usually it’s something in the middle. On the positive side, you’re going the way you always dreamed of and (hopefully) get pleasure and incomparable satisfaction on the way. On the negative side (which people rarely provision for), you’re putting yourself in a very vulnerable position as compared to stuff you did (or would do) just for living (with no passion engaged). Because every failure will beat you right into the most painful point. Because every negative feedback even the minor one which 9-to-5 folks get with habitual “meh” will mean that you’re missing in something , that you do things that you love wrong (it’s hardly true but people rarely think about constructive meaning of their feedback). And that hurts a lot, a least when you’re really passionate and your emotional intelligence is slightly above zero.
The only way to cope with that is to pause, remind yourself where you started and what is it all about, and proceed. The cheesy perseverance is the only hope. But it’s also the strongest tool.