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Introducing @The_Cloud_Dev and @TheCSSDev ☁️🎨

There are now two new ways to keep up with the best DEV Community posts on your favorite topics!

We've just launched @The_Cloud_Dev and @TheCSSDev as Twitter feeds. If you're still consuming content over on the Bird App and these are topics of interest to you, we encourage you to follow along!

And if you know of any Mastodon servers on these topics, drop them in the commentsβ€”I'm already looking forward to getting these feeds syndicated to the Fediverse.

Internally, these are what we call "Satellite Feeds." In contrast to our main Twitter feed, Satellite Feeds are more likely to promote up-and-coming authors, product launches, project updates/feature logs, and dev journals.

@The_Cloud_Dev populates based on the tags cloud, serverless, kubernetes, docker, ec2, gcp, and azure.

@TheCSSDev populates based on the tag css. Don't you love when things are simple? 😌

That's all for now! See you on social πŸ€“

Top comments (5)

jarvisscript profile image
Chris Jarvis is tech focused but not CSS focused. I'd love to know about a CSS centric server.

drsensor profile image
Fahmi Akbar Wildana

Some webdev centric server I know not yet mentioned in the comments:


I've not yet seen any server related to UX/UI design. The closest one I know is but it only focus on gamedev. I'm curious if there is any but more focused on app/web design πŸ€” (and maybe creative coding too!)

iamschulz profile image
Daniel Schulz

Any plans to syndicate #css on mastodon? :)

erinposting profile image
Erin Bensinger

Yes, absolutely! Got any CSS-centric servers to recommend?

iamschulz profile image
Daniel Schulz

I would say, but it's currently invite-only and I don't know what their stance on pure syndication accounts is.

But doesnt sound lovely?

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