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Introducing our first original podcast: DevDiscuss

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) with Ben Halpern Updated on ・2 min read

Today, @ben & I officially get to call ourselves podcast hosts. We are very excited to introduce you all to DevDiscuss, the show where me, Ben, and our lovely guests get to discuss the burning topics that pop up around DEV and beyond. The format of our show begins with an interview with one or two guests, and ends with commentary straight from the community. I’ve been hinting at this new podcast since I posted my first dial-in request back in March:

If you’ve responded to any of these threads, either by commenting or dialing our Google Voice number, you might hear your comment (and voice) on the show!

We kicked off our inaugural episode with a topic that software engineers often don’t consider: changing your name. We were inspired by Penelope Phippen’s (@penelope_zone ) article, “Changing your name is a hard unsolved problem in Computer Science,” so we brought her into our fully distributed studio for an interview.

You can tune into the episode directly here on DEV (and continue browsing the site!), or any other platform that supports podcasts:

Pro Tip - If you follow the podcast on DEV, new episodes will show up directly in your feed :)

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A huge thanks to @levisharpe for producing & mixing the show, and @peter and @saronyitbarek for their editorial oversight.

Finally, thank you to our Season 1 sponsors who help make this show possible. If you're in the market for any of their services, please check out DigitalOcean, Heroku, CommerceJS, and Fastly.

We hope you enjoy DevDiscuss!

Happy Coding!

The DEV Team

The team behind this very platform. 😄


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Really liked the first episode! Changing your name in the real world has really a big effect on various systems. @penelope_zone was a great first guest in the show. I am looking forward to the next episodes!


It's really exciting to be a part of this, the first episode with @penelope_zone was our first recording of the season and it was great to start on a note that reflects the ethos of the show: To tackle real software topics with nuance and go deeper than surface-level, while always delivering some technical meat to ensure folks are coming out of this with new perspectives that are going to help them as developers.

The feedback between the community and the show topics has already shown itself to be really cool.

The show has not yet gone live on Apple Podcasts, as mentioned, but if you use spotify or elsewhere subscribe and leave a great review...

Also if you intend listen on DEV, check out our mobile apps at dev.to/downloads as we will just continue to improve this part of the overall experience.

Happy coding, happy listening ❤️


It's really exciting to have watched this show evolve from concept to production to release. There's more work related to planning, recording, mixing, hosting, releasing, etc. than I could have ever imagined. Major congrats are in order for @ben and @jess , Senior Podcast Producer @levisharpe , and to @saronyitbarek for her editorial input.

This is our first "DEV Original" podcast, but we're amazingly lucky to have learned so much about the process from Levi and Saron, who are pros at this given their experience with the CodeNewbie Podcast and BaseCS Podcast.

We hope you enjoy the show!


🎙️🎙️🎙️Congratulations on the new podcast! 🎙️🎙️🎙️


Thank you everyone for the kind words! It was a blast to work on this show with everyone involved, and I can't wait for you all to hear what we have in store for you!


Yeahss!! Podcast for commuting ...!

Are you guys thinking to have this on google podcast?


We'll have it anywhere it can go


amazing, I will link back from my site...too if that's ok?

in here:


Awesome, excited to listen to it!


Amazing! Looking forward for more!


It is wonderful !! We will share it in the Facebook Developer circles of Latam 🧑🏽‍💻 !! 🙌


I love podcasts! Subscribed to Dev Discuss.

Can you tell us when it will be available on PocketCasts?


I would like this as well, it can be submitted via pocketcasts.com/submit/


I'll be waiting for it to come there but till then, I'll listen to it here :)


Also, whenever the podcast is playing you don't have access to the post toolbar, at least on mobile. Maybe consider giving the podcast toolbar a visibility toggle?


Super great first episode! 🔥


The college DJ in me is beaming with excitement. This is so well produced.


Thank you! I really appreciate your comment 🤗


Oh I don't think we thought to include that because most people don't interact with the feed directly... feeds.devpods.dev/devdiscuss_podca...


Very great with DevPlayer :3 🙌

He could be usefull to show on episode this informations:


Wow how exciting! Congrats on the big launch 😊😊😊


Yeahhhhh!!!! 🙌🙌

I'm a big podcast listener and listen a whole lot to syntax.fm, and this will be a great addition to my podcast rotation. Hyped!


Thanks. I’m currently listening :) This is good for me after work. Your English can easily understand. 🙏🏻🙏🏻😍


Congrats on the new Podcast!
Wish you a lot of creative topics and interesting guests for the future episodes!


Thank you! Definitely subscribe and keep an eye out for new episodes, which come out on Wednesdays. We have a lot of really great stuff lined up!


I really admire this community and want to become a part of it can anyone help me telling that How can I become a part of Dev.to <3 ?


Great listen! Well done Dev team 😎. What did you use to get such a clear well structured transcript?


I would love to be able to subscribe to this on Google Podcasts since it's the main app I use for podcasts.


I tried searching for DevDiscuss on Google Podcasts and couldn't find it 😔


Yaaaasss!! super happy about this! looking forward to upcoming eps