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How Do You Overcome Leadership Loneliness?

Have you experienced a shift in social dynamics after a promotion or change in roles? How do you balance maintaining approachability with the need for authority?

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Ben Halpern

Many interpersonal dynamics like this come down to setting expectations. If things go unsaid, expectations drift. If you actively and explicitly set expectations, you can resist this.

This can be in the form of creating explicit boundaries or whatnot.

All that being said, it's extra work to get this rightΒ β€” so I think it's a matter of understanding that in some situations you can maintain expectations and boundaries, and some you have to expect organic drift, and accept this.

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In my experience, this kind of issue is often bubbling up in places that purposely foster individualism and management separation. Even the nicest person might be treated differently, by a person that has eyes on their role.
To help the situation, I would do whatever I can to be transparent about my new position and to stay in contact to my colleagues, showing them that I am an ally, not an "enemy".
In the end, the best way to avoid such a situation would be to be in a better place, though.

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Ranjan Dailata

A true leadership is not about the authority, but instead it should be driven with the servant leadership. It's not just for the sake of saying or doing, but it should come from the heart.

To answer your question, please tell where do you have loneliness or where do you have time for that if you are engaged with the team and serve them with the best as a servant leader.

I hope the above message is clear to all the leaders around the world :)

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Mihnea Simian

Once you lead a team, then that becomes your second team. Your first team should be the line of managers, peers to you - as you share the same goals. So it's not that you start being lonely, you just need to connect more with people that are as busy as you are, so in reaction, you'll spend less time socialising, anywayz.

I remember times when I had trouble overcoming social-time vs me-time, at work. I was so friendly everyone wanted to chat with me. Eventually, it was me staying after hours, because I had tasks I wanted to finish that day. Things started shifting with hybrid work.
But now i'm drifting.. my follow-up here: isn't loneliness in tune, in a way, with the role - rather than a negative side-effect? Maybe managers do need more time to take care of themselves, so they can take care of their team.

It may sound harsh, but one should probably be better off making and having friends outside of work, regardless of their role.

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Ackom Jnr

Leadership loneliness is a common and often overlooked challenge faced by many individuals in leadership roles. To address and conquer this pervasive issue, leaders should build a trusted support network, open and honest communication, executive coaching, peer networks, delegate effectively, regular check-ins, invest in personal development, mindful leadership, join professional organizations, create a positive work culture, and prioritize personal and professional growth. These strategies can help leaders overcome the isolation that often accompanies their roles and create a supportive environment that values collaboration, respect, and inclusivity.

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Isaac Klutse

Depending on the industry you find yourself I don't think Leadership is suppose to be a lonely role. Because you always need feedback from your subordinates, give orders or tasks, have meetings and a whole lot. Sometimes when the leader is harsh then there is a problem. All subordinates will be a faired and will not like to share with him or her but like to focus on work. In that kind of workplace everyone will not be lonely but bored. Workers will get tired easily because there is no joy.

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