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How Do You Organize Your Digital World?

How do you organize your digital world for success, and what tips can you offer to others?

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Chuck Tomasi

I have a hybrid system. Part David Allen "Getting Things Done" with a daily and weekly review, and part Carl Pullien "Time Sector" with what needs doing this week, next week, etc. Ultimately, everything works towards goals to make things happen.

For tools, I currently use Evernote for reference, Todoist for tasks and projects, and the reMarkable2 for note taking and review.

Happy to share more if interested.

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Calin Baenen

What do you think ov how I organize things?

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I used Notion, ClickUp, GitHub Projects, and Pomodoro apps to manage my time and tasks. At some point, it got overwhelming, and I realized I'm truly efficient when I have a plan to-do list.

So, I cut about 50% of the goals I had planned out in Notion and switched to Todoist, where I kept only the tasks I thought would have an impact.

Later, I realized I had all that organizational complexity for my Digital World because I thought I had to work on hundreds of things to be productive.

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Erik Lundevall Zara

For taking notes, I use Logseq. It is a marvellous open source tool for managing notes.
A good system makes it easy to write and store information from various sources, and also to organise and retrieve them afterwards. Logseq is very useful here. The information is also local, so you are not dependent on a cloud service to use It.

For time tracking and task management is use the command-line tools TaskWarrior and TimeWarrior. They are both quite versatile, and since I use the command-line all the time already, it is easy to access. Plus, I can set up aliases and do some simple scripting for certain common tasks.

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Calin Baenen

In general, I use directories and files.

In programming projects, I use five newlines between things that are very unrelated, three newlines for things that are, in some way, somewhat related, and one newline for things that are related.
Things will rarely ever go on the next line, unless I'm writing the body ov a function.

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Stefan Moore

I like to use OneNote, Markdown and Github Projects.