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Heads up: Stackbit integration removal

Hey folks, this is a heads up that the special DEV/Stackbit integration available in settings has stopped working and the reference to it will be removed shortly.

A couple of years ago we developed an integration that would allow folks to automatically use DEV as a headless CMS for generating a Stackbit site. Making this possible in the first place was a big effort in data portability and trying to ensure DEV was not an all-consuming platform. We continue on this mission, but this specific very custom integration no longer fit the roadmap on either side.

The specialized integration is going away, but there are a lot of ways you can still hook up DEV to continue to act this way. For example, just a few weeks ago @vjnvisakh posted this:

This was one of the few remaining bits of code that is super specialized for DEV. User-friendly integrations like this will return in a more generalized form in the future, in the meantime there are plenty of ways to use the API and existing tools to interact with DEV.

You've probably noticed several deprecations lately. It's all in a larger effort to put more resources into the core functionality and make room for future extensibility. Of course, everything we do is open source via Forem and free to use. We look forward to continued collaboration with the whole community.

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Ben Halpern

We really do have great things planned for the future of integrations into this whole thing, can't wait to ship on some more of it!

The future is a highly integratabtle and pluggable platform to build on, of course entirely open source at the core. ☺️

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Alexandru-Dan Pop

This was a neat integration, sad to see it doesn't work anymore...

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Dave Parr

@ben thank's for the clear communication on this. Very much understand why and hope you've reaped the benefits for Forem over the last few years.

Obviously I'm necroing an old post but I've started dusting off my content, and I'm wondering what the current story is for as a headless CMS, or as any form of content publishing system that I can point to towards . Any top suggestions here almost 2 years later?

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Ricardo Sueiras

Thanks for the heads up. I did find the feature useful for keeping a mirror of my content but will check out other options. Feels like you are making the right call.