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Happy 110th Birthday, Alan Turing! staff on June 23, 2022

note: We published a version of this article last year. You can read it here. Today, June 23, would have been the 110th birthday of Alan Turing...
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Ben Halpern

After my mom watched The Imitation Game, she told me if there were a Nobel Prize for computer science, they should give it to Alan Turing. I told her there is a Nobel Prize equivalent in computer science and it's called the Turing Award.

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Nik F P

Very few people in history have done work so influential and far reaching as Alan Turing. His contributions to mathematics, cryptography, philosophy, and general computing aside, his impact on human culture may be his greatest achievement.

In the last 60 years, the human race has seen more cultural advancement and more change than at any other point in history. Globalization, mapping the human genome, machine learning, high speed communications, all wouldn't be possible without computers. Even things that are technically possible without them, like making a phone call, are now done completely with computerized systems. Everything we touch, everything we interact with, even the words that I'm writing now that you will be reading, are all affected by his work.

This man's contributions literally changed the world. It's sad that so few even know who he is.

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Ishaan Sheikh • Edited

I have learned about The Turing Machine in my engineering but I came to know about the man behind it after watching The Imitation Game. And I must say that he was an absolute genius, he was really ahead of his time.
However, unfortunately he didn't get the treatment he deserves.
I recommend every tech person to watch The Imitation Game once.

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Pedro H. Santos

The movie "The Imitation Game" is amazing, Thanks Alan Turing!

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Stijn de Ligt • Edited

I disagree strongly. His character was reduced to an autistic stereotype. Even though he might have been on the spectrum (not diagnosed), many people around him described him as a good friend and warm person. Instead he is presented as an unsociable, cold and calculated person.
All real sources were dropped to instead display him as a mix of Sheldon from big bang theory and Sherlock.
The same applies to other characters from that film as they are all based on real people. The family members of Commander Denniston, the main antagonist, even opened a lawsuit against the filmmakers for how poorly they represented him.

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I really loved this movie :

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