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Double the Dreams: #DEVResolutions2024 Round 2

Wow, the energy in our DEV Community is off the charts! 🚀 I'm genuinely inspired by the next wave of #DEVResolutions2024 pouring in from our amazing members. The enthusiasm is contagious, and I can't wait to highlight these fantastic aspirations that are keeping the spirit alive.

Please drop your support for these folks in the comments—your well wishes go a long way!

Meticulous planning, resilience through setbacks, and a profound commitment to personal development—all this and more is encapsulated in @anitaolsen's inspiring plan for 2024. 🌟 You'll want to follow this up-and-coming DEV superstar on what is sure to be a remarkable growth journey.

Join @yuridevat on a mission to give a talk on accessibility in Japan, offering a unique perspective on a culture with an aging population. Follow this spirited adventure, seamlessly weaving professional ambitions with a commitment to health, and stay tuned for their continuous contributions to the DEV Community.

This post isn't just about goals; it's a detailed roadmap to mastering web design, achieving financial milestones, and embracing a healthier lifestyle. Join @khloeabrown in turning aspirations into reality, one intentional step at a time.

Short, sweet, and impactful: it's a straightforward goal to craft one article per month on DEV, highlighting the challenge as a non-native English speaker. Follow along, root for @pavelee, and witness language mastery unfold.

Step into 2024 with @thomasbnt, one of our amazing DEV Mods and a freelance web developer exploring new horizons. This year they aim to expand clientele and diversify creations. Beyond coding, goals include learning English, tickling the ivories, and writing more on DEV. 🙌 We love that!

@yogski reveals a 2024 resolution that's both simple and ambitious: shipping one product by month's end. As they embark on this exciting journey, they plan to share their experience on DEV, inviting the community to join in, discuss insights, and overcome obstacles together.

Ready to conquer your goals in 2024? Spill the details! Comment your plans or use our template to share your aspirations. 💬🚀 Remember to tag your posts with #DEVResolutions2024!


Tag your posts with #DEVResolutions2024 to share your goals, track your progress, and inspire the DEV community with your achievements for the coming year.

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